How Manufacturing Can Embrace IoT


How can manufacturing make their way into Industry 4.0 The IoT manufacturing. As a species, we're in the midst of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Also known as Industry 4.0, this particular revolution is built upon automation and data exchange. Industry 3.0 gave us computerization.

Here’s How To Implement Manufacturing Analytics Today

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One of the most fascinating big data industries is manufacturing. Manufacturing innovation has long been an integral piece of our economic success, and it seems that big data allows for great industry gains. Manufacturers are always looking for ways to make marginal improvements in their systems and how they operate. Thankfully, with big data, manufacturing companies can competently manage supply chain details in order to oversee any possible improvements available.

IoT Security Issues You Should Ask a Manufacturer


White labeling, rebranding, and partnerships with OEMs are in IoT business very common just like in any other domain too. But there are also unique aspects of IoT security or in general cyber security which are not available in other domains but extremely important.

Streamlining the Manufacturing and Automotive Treasury Function

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The strategic vision of the manufacturing and automotive treasury function is to deliver efficiency, control, and scalability.

Automated Machine Learning and Manufacturing [Infographic]


Automation plays a huge role in manufacturing. From the invention of the printing press to Ford’s Model T assembly line, automation transformed how manufacturers produced and distributed goods to the general public.

Agile for Small and Medium-Sized Manufacturing Companies

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I’ve had the pleasure of working with many small and mid-sized manufacturers. Customer Experience Data & Analytics Integration & IT Modernization Manufacturing Strategy agile agile approach agile framework agile manufacturing manufacturing medium-sized manufacturing small manufacturingThese companies are typically much more flexible and able to mobilize quickly compared to their larger counterparts.

Digital Transformation in a Global Manufacture Organization

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In each industry and even the whole economics system, digitization and intelligentization have become buzz-words, and it will help the manufacture industry upgrade its production, management and efficiency to the next level.

A new data platform revitalizes a century-old manufacturer

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Owens-Illinois (O-I), the world’s largest manufacturer of glass containers, used worldwide by many leading food and beverage brands, recently began just such a reinvention. A company only survives for 115 years by reinventing itself, questioning assumptions, and constantly looking for an edge.

The future of e-commerce for growing businesses


Whether you work for a retail, distribution or manufacturing organization, selling more product at the highest profit margin is a constant goal. Industry - Manufacturing Business Intelligence Basics Industry - Wholesale Distribution Industry - Retail

How to improve manufacturing ROI with prescriptive analytics

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Today's manufacturing organizations operate in a dynamic environment characterized by increased complexity and uncertainty. The financial performance of manufacturers hinges on their ability to rapidly adapt to constantly-changing conditions, from demand fluctuations to delivery challenges while managing production costs efficiently.

Is Big Data Any Good for Manufacturing? Drumroll, Please


As a manufacturer, you’re interested to see what big data can do for you? Then check out these 12 real-life use cases for big data in manufacturing and see a nice and easy guide on how to start your big data action

KYB Americas grows sales with Phocas data analytics


Case Study Industry - Manufacturing Industry - Wholesale DistributionData analytics is increasingly important for KYB Americas with the insights helping the sales team to uncover new customer service opportunities and increase orders.

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Sensor data analytics in manufacturing: the ‘why’, the ‘when’ and the ‘how’


Sensor data analytics has the potential to turn your manufacturing enterprise into a competitive business. To achieve that, first read this article and learn sensor analytics essentials

Become more strategic with data analytics


Industry - Manufacturing Industry - Wholesale Distribution Job Role - Sales Job Role - Executive

How content analytics helps manufacturers improve product safety and save lives

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Manufacturing problems can have a serious impact on businesses. This is especially true when these problems manifest themselves as product safety issues causing injury or even death

How to maximise value from your business data


Industry - Manufacturing Industry - Wholesale Distribution Job Role - SalesNow it's no secret that business leaders consider data as one of, if not their most important assets. But how much is it worth and how do you go about maximizing the value you get from your data?

New eBook Explores Impact of IoT, AI, and Automation on Manufacturing


Manufacturing organizations often join us in our Executive Briefing Center (EBC) to learn how Nutanix Enterprise Cloud can help modernize their infrastructure. We value the opportunity to hear about their vision and the challenges they face

Answer these 4 questions to boost your sales analytics


Industry - Manufacturing Industry - Wholesale Distribution Job Role - Sales ProductIn today’s highly competitive marketplace, sales teams must have a way to stand out.

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How to make rebates simple


Industry - Manufacturing Industry - Wholesale Distribution ProductPurchasing decisions must factor in two important elements: the first is how to increase customer loyalty while maximizing profit margins. The second is negotiating the best pricing agreement with suppliers.

Build trust in your business data to be more data-driven


Industry - Manufacturing Industry - Wholesale Distribution Job Role - Sales Job Role - Executive Industry - RetailData is critical to business operations, but that idea is not always shared by everyone across the organization, and in reality, it may not be their fault.

Understand customers' needs and maximize your profitability


Industry - Manufacturing Industry - Wholesale Distribution Job Role - Sales Industry - Retail Job Role - MarketingOver the course of our lives, we develop many types of relationships. Some of them long-term, others are more fleeting. The same is true in business.

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3 Takeaways for Manufacturing and Retail Organizations from Nutanix’s SAP HANA on HCI Certification


Nutanix recently announced that Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS running on the native AHV hypervisor is the first hyperconverged infrastructure to be certified to run production SAP HANA

Tip: Dashboard Page for CIP Account Analysis in Cloud Projects

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Automotive Cloud Commerce Communications Consumer Markets Data & Analytics Energy Financial Services Healthcare High Tech Industries Life Sciences Manufacturing News Oracle Cloud Projects Cloud Projects Analytics Dashboard Page for CIP Account Analysis

Using Reinforcement Learning to Design a Better Rocket Engine


In doing so, I’ll demonstrate the application of ML techniques to the manufacturing industry and the role of the Machine Learning Product Manager. The biggest categories of cost for hardware designers and manufacturers are testing, verification, and calibration of their control systems.

Epicor partnership helps WD-40 lubricate market growth


We now have manufacturers, distributors and retailers up and running with Epicor Data Analytics (EDA), our white-labeled version of Phocas offered to Epicor customers.

Common Ingestion Framework

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May it be healthcare, retail, finance or manufacturing, everyone is at different stages in their journey to create their industry-grade, enterprise-ready Data Lake repository. Big Data is the way to move forward for all enterprises today.

Smart Dust – Personal Clouds

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Peanuts Wiki. The author could not resist the analogy here. In my recent research on emerging technology for my client I came across the subject of “Smart Dust.” ” I had reviewed the technology one time before but put it in the “10-year plus” category.

Does Big Data Have a Role in 3D Printing?


Here are some of the ways in which big data and 3D printing influence one another: On-Demand and Personalized Manufacturing. One of the things 3D printing has accomplished is to transform the modern manufacturing market to make it more accessible and consumer-friendly.

Can push notifications work to your advantage?


These push notifications are called alerts in Phocas and many companies across manufacturing and distribution are using them every day - to stay in control of their business. Are you tired of all the emails that land in your inbox?

8 Industrial IoT Trends of 2019 That Cannot Be Ignored


From manufacturing to the retail sector, the infinite applications of the industrial internet of things are disrupting business processes, thereby improving operational efficiency and business competitiveness.

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IBM CDO Conference: The Chief Data Officer Role Is Evolving

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Also represented were banks and financial institutions (Wells Fargo, Bank of the West and ING financial services); utilities (PG&E) and manufacturing concerns (McKesson), among others. By Jean S. Bozman. Chief Data Officers (CDOs) have a weighty responsibility: they are “on point” to find the actionable insights and data trends from analysis of data lakes, data repositories and virtual “seas” of data flowing across their large organizations.

What is the Oracle Projects Calendar? Oracle Projects Considerations Part 3

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Cloud Communications Energy Financial Services High Tech Manufacturing News Oracle Oracle Projects Calendar PA Periods Project Calendar StructureIn Part 2 of this Oracle Project series I discussed Project Type Classes. Here, in Part 3, I will discuss the Oracle Projects Calendar options available and how they benefit your company. The primary driver of which option is time card entry followed by reporting requirements.

How Microsoft Word “Protected View” Stops Information Leaks

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Microsoft Word has long offered support for loading images and templates over the network. This is a great feature within corporate environments because it facilitates the reuse of assets like logos and corporate document templates.

Why Self-Driving Cars Are Good for Car Rental Companies

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Automotive Consumer Markets Digital Transformation Integration & IT Modernization Management Consulting Manufacturing Operations Organizational Change Management Strategy Apple automotive autonomous cars Avis budget car rental car-sharing customer experience Data digital Digital Experience digital transformation enterprise Growth Hertz innovation Lyft Mobile operations ride-sharing self-driving cars strategy technology Transformation Trucks uber Waymo Zipcar

Not Just Datacenter Transformation; Nutanix is Also Transforming Partner Businesses


How do you know when a datacenter technology manufacturer has something truly disruptive? One sign is when channel partners start to focus their businesses around selling and implementing the manufacturer’s solutions

How Inventory Analytics Can Make Your Supply Chain More Efficient


Just-in-time manufacturing, products that are temporarily available versus long-term offerings, the amount of cash typically on hand that can be used for reordering — the number of such considerations can seem endless.

Owens-Illinois plans for the future after a successful migration to IBM Db2

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Owens-Illinois (O-I), the world’s largest manufacturer of glass containers, recently undertook a global migration from Oracle to Db2. Learn more about the migration and its success from O-I executives

AI Image Processing is Changing the Direction of Countless Industries


This new technology is especially valuable in the manufacturing industry. Ask any manufacturing manager about the tedious processes of grading, sorting, and processing materials. Big data is playing a prominent role in the area of image processing.

Why hardware-defined can’t keep up


Learn why proprietary hardware, once essential to protecting a company’s innovations, now hinders – or even destroys – a manufacturer’s ability to compete

9 Formidable Big Data Analytics Tools for 2019


Big Data is a crucial asset for Business Intelligence (BI) for industries ranging from manufacturing to banking, professional services to entertainment, including the federal government.