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Doing Power BI the Right Way

Paul Turley

This is an introduction to a series of posts and pages that will provide a comprehensive set of best practices for successful Power BI solutions. In previous posts, I have asked readers to suggest topics for future posts.


AI journalism: possibilities, limitations, and outcomes


Microsoft made waves this May when it announced that it would lay off more than 50 journalists and editors from its workforce. Many of these employees were involved in the news curation process, selecting hand-picked content that would run on the Microsoft News and MSN websites.

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Operational Database Scalability


Cloudera’s Operational Database provides unparalleled scale and flexibility for applications, enabling enterprises to bring together and process data of all types and from more sources, while providing developers with the flexibility they need.

How Data Analytics and Machine Learning are Transforming Private Equity


All global known companies including Apple, Cisco, Google, Adobe, and more have been part of private equity deals at one point in time. If it weren’t for investors, US private equity firms, and their limited partners, these companies wouldn’t be here today as we know them.

5 Striking Pandas Tips and Tricks for Analysts and Data Scientists

Analytics Vidhya

Overview Pandas provide tools and techniques to make data analysis easier in Python We’ll discuss tips and tricks that will help you become a. The post 5 Striking Pandas Tips and Tricks for Analysts and Data Scientists appeared first on Analytics Vidhya.

How Trade Supply Group customizes financial statements across 14 locations


Trade Supply Group, New York, operates a number of companies that specialize in the distribution of building materials for trade and retail customers. Each company’s management operates autonomously while benefiting from the economies of scale that come from being part of a larger organization.

Insight everywhere: The state of analytics in 2020

CIO Business Intelligence

The world bought into the idea of continual improvement ever since Japanese car companies embraced it in the ‘70s and ate Detroit's lunch.

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Difference between SQL Keys (Primary Key, Super Key, Candidate Key, Foreign Key)

Analytics Vidhya

Introduction SQL Keys is the Key to your success in Analytics! Data is growing at an exponential rate and so is the demand for. The post Difference between SQL Keys (Primary Key, Super Key, Candidate Key, Foreign Key) appeared first on Analytics Vidhya.

How to automate financial statements in minutes


What does the month-end look like in your business? Does the finance team spend a lot of time pulling data from your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system into spreadsheets so they can manipulate it into the standardised format? Is there a lot of wasted effort, double checking and renaming?

CDP Private Cloud ends the battle between agility & control in the data center


As a BI Analyst, have you ever encountered a dashboard that wouldn’t refresh because other teams were using it? As a data scientist, have you ever had to wait 6 months before you could access the latest version of Spark?

Enterprises Can Digitally Transform with the Internet of Things


The Internet of Things is a key player in the digital transformation era. The number of connected devices is increasing every day. It shows the large scale implementation of IoT and the impact that it is making.

Hypothesis Testing: A Way to Prove Your Claim Using p-value

Analytics Vidhya

Introduction One of the most basic concepts in statistics is hypothesis testing. Not just in Data Science, Hypothesis testing is important in every field. The post Hypothesis Testing: A Way to Prove Your Claim Using p-value appeared first on Analytics Vidhya.

insightsoftware Acquires Event 1 Software

Jet Global

Deal furthers mission to deliver powerful portfolio of enterprise software solutions for Office of the CFO; expands real-time financial reporting capabilities for top ERPs Sage and Viewpoint. RALEIGH, N.C.

Building an effective data approach in a hybrid cloud world


“In today’s world of disruption and transformation, there are a few key things that all organizations are trying to figure out: how to remain relevant to their customer base, how to deal with the pressure of disruption in their industry and, undoubtedly, how to look to technology to help deliver a better service.”. Paul Mackay .

How Data Science Is Changing Our Social Visibility


Data science's impact on our everyday lives has become even more profound as the technology develops. Big Data, alongside artificial intelligence and machine learning, form a permanent part of our online lives.

Top 20 Visualization Dashboards for Mapping COVID-19

Analytics Vidhya

Introduction The best way to track the COVID-19 outbreak is by using data and visualization. The COVID-19 patterns are sometimes contradictory and this is. The post Top 20 Visualization Dashboards for Mapping COVID-19 appeared first on Analytics Vidhya.

How to Create a Data Visualization Style Guide to Tell Great Stories (Part 2)

Depict Data Studio

Did you see Sara DeLong’s post on Why You Need to Create a Data Visualization Style Guide to Tell Great Stories? You’ll love Part 2. –Ann.

Fair Scheduler to Capacity Scheduler conversion tool


Introduction. In Apache Hadoop YARN 3.x YARN for short), switching to Capacity Scheduler has considerable benefits and only a few drawbacks. To bring these features to users who are currently using Fair Scheduler, we created a tool with the upstream YARN community to help the migration process.

Top 4 Data Analytics Certifications to Enrol Into in 2020


The way data is exploding currently, it will come as no surprise that the biggest job-producing sector in the entire 2020s will be the data analytics sector. quintillion bytes of data are being generated each day, across the globe.

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KNNImputer: A robust way to impute missing values (using Scikit-Learn)

Analytics Vidhya

Overview Learn to use KNNimputer to impute missing values in data Understand the missing value and its types Introduction KNNImputer by scikit-learn is a. The post KNNImputer: A robust way to impute missing values (using Scikit-Learn) appeared first on Analytics Vidhya.

What Is TOGAF? The Open Group Architecture Framework


The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) is a type of enterprise architecture (EA) framework. In this post, we’ll cover: What Is TOGAF? History of TOGAF. TOGAF ADM. The Benefits of TOGAF. Is TOGAF Free? TOGAF vs. DODAF vs. MODAF vs. NAF. Implementing an EA Framework. What Is TOGAF?

Crédit Mutuel: Lessons learned building the bank of tomorrow

IBM Big Data Hub

Overlooking the European Parliament buildings in Strasbourg, France, lies a very unique factory. But don’t waste time searching the city proper for evidence of its operation. Strolling through Strasbourg streets, you wouldn’t hear the hum of machinery or sense any vibrations under your feet.

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8 Compelling Benefits of Cloud Computing for Thriving SMEs


You may not be aware, but you are already using many cloud services. This technology has already taken the modern business by storm, and if you are using a computer, and have a smartphone, many services that you use on a daily basis are based on cloud computing.

8 Business Analytics Books to Begin Your Journey

Analytics Vidhya

Introduction The global spread of the internet has made the availability of knowledge easy. Every information is at the grasp of our palms. The post 8 Business Analytics Books to Begin Your Journey appeared first on Analytics Vidhya.

Public cloud: security fright or delight?


Learning additional languages is a common practice in the Netherlands. In primary school, we learn English and secondary school offers French, German, and a host of other options. Learning a new language and speaking it well is tricky.

Deep Learning With Dataiku Data Science Studio


Deep learning is one of those often mentioned yet not quite tangible topics for most people. If you’re unfamiliar with what deep learning is, check out this blog post or this deep learning guide. Don’t worry, we’ll wait for you to return. Dataiku Product

The Next Normal For The Ever-Changing Digital Workplace


The world has seen a huge amount of disruption over the last six months. The Covid-19 pandemic has swept across the globe at a rate that took many companies by surprise, in just how disruptive it has been to the workplace.

Limitations of AUC-ROC technique

Analytics Vidhya

Overview As I had promised in my previous article, now, it’s time to complete our discussion on evaluation metrics for classification problems. Today, we. The post Limitations of AUC-ROC technique appeared first on Analytics Vidhya.

Is The Business World Ready For A Chief Data Ethics Officer?

Bruno Aziza

In NewVantage Partners 2019 Executive Survey, more than half of executives — 55.7% — pointed to data ethics as a top business priority. Innovation /innovation Big Data /big-data Enterprise Tech /enterprise-tech cionetwork technology

Minimizing Cloud Concentration Risk for Financial Services Institutions, Regulators and Cloud Service Providers


What is Cloud Concentration Risk? Since the financial crisis of 2008, regulators have been consistently working to identify emerging risks that can potentially result in financial stability events.

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Data Quality — You’re Measuring It Wrong


This article was first posted on Towards Data Science.One of our customers recently posed this question:“I would like to set up an OKR for ourselves [the data team] around data availability.

Optimize your business intelligence solution on IBM Cloud Pak for Data

IBM Big Data Hub

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What DBAs Should Do Before Taking a Vacation


Everybody wants to take a relaxing holiday from time to time, whether you are a veteran DBA standing watch over million dollar mission-critical database systems or a jack-of-all-trades who maintains all of your small organization’s SQL Servers, Windows Servers, and all of the other corporate IT assets.

Connected Manufacturing Insights from the Edge with Cloudera DataFlow


Connected Manufacturing’s Pivot to an Enterprise Data Solution.

Unlock the Mysteries of Customer Behaviour for Better Sales


Without any doubt, happy and satisfied customers drive a business on the growth route. No matter what, they will always come back for repeat purchases and will recommend your business to others as well. Both ways, you can expect an amazing impact on your sales.

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My First Steps With Dataiku DSS as a (Non-Technical) Marketer


As I’ve come to learn through my experience as a content marketer at Dataiku, being a non-technical person at an AI software company can be both a blessing and a curse.

How Do You Design New Data Architectures?

Data Virtualization

Organizations are rethinking their current data architectures. Unfortunately, the majority considers it a challenge. Obviously, one of the reasons is that they don’t do this every day. Also, insights about how to design them has changed over time. This article.