‘Phase Two’ of Europe’s Data Transformation


For the UK and Europe’s most data-led companies, phase one of the data transformation is now complete. Data StrategyThe strategies have been agreed, the foundations have been laid and the real work is well underway.

‘Phase Two’ of Europe’s Data Transformation


For the UK and Europe’s most data-led companies, phase one of the data transformation is now complete. Data StrategyThe strategies have been agreed, the foundations have been laid and the real work is well underway.

Best-of-Breed Data Transformations for Pipelining


Before we get into how Tamr is tackling data transformation, let’s start with the definition. Data transformation is defined as the process of converting data from one format or structure into another format or structure.

Is Big Data Transforming Our Broken Hospital Management Systems?

Smart Data Collective

The healthcare industry is happily embracing big data. Hospitals around the world are finding that data can have a profound impact on their operations. Big Data is the Key to Improving the Efficiency of Hospital Management Systems? Big Data is the Key to Hospital Management.

5 Questions every CEO should ask before embarking on a Data Transformation

Peter James Thomas

But the 5 questions I highlight are as follows: Why does my organisation need to embark on a Data Transformation – what will it achieve for us? Do I have the expertise and experience on hand to scope a Data Transformation and then deliver it?

How Compliance And Cost Reduction Are Funding Data Transformation

Bruno Aziza

Although CIO’s and CDO’s aspire to be on the offensive in using data to drive revenue generation and business growth, it is defensive initiatives that are providing cover for forward-looking transformation ambitions

Top-Down vs. Bottom-Up Culture Change


Last year when we surveyed over one hundred data professionals, they ranked organizational change as their third biggest data challenge (behind data cleaning and model productionalization). organization Culture Data Transformation

How AI is Transforming Banks & Banking


Data has always been the foundation of the banking industry. What has changed in recent years, of course, is the amount of data available and the speed at which it is processed as well as the need to quickly respond to market changes. EnterpriseAI financial services Data Transformatio

Start Thinking About DataOps


Everyone’s talking about data. Data is the key to unlocking insight— the secret sauce that will help you get predictive, the fuel for business intelligence. The transformative potential in AI? It relies on data. The good news is that data has never […].

Data Architecture Crash Course: Key Terms


We’ve set out to demystify the jargon surrounding data architecture to enable every team to understand how it impacts their objectives. Hadoop Enterprise Ai Data Transformation data architectureNot sure what Hadoop actually is?

How do Transformers Work in NLP? A Guide to the Latest State-of-the-Art Models

Analytics Vidhya

Overview The Transformer model in NLP has truly changed the way we work with text data Transformer is behind the recent NLP developments, including. The post How do Transformers Work in NLP?

Prevent Rain Clouds Along Your Snowflake Migration

Sirius Computer Solutions

As we review data transformation and modernization strategies with our clients, we find many are investigating Snowflake as a data warehouse solution due to its ease of use, speed, and increased flexibility over a traditional data warehouse offering.

AI Maturity Survey: Where Are We in the Path to Enterprise AI?


With all the media hype and coverage around AI, one might think that every company out there has Enterprise AI all figured out and is extremely mature in their data journey. However, we surveyed more than 350 data professionals and found a different story.

Data Preparation and Data Mapping: The Glue Between Data Management and Data Governance to Accelerate Insights and Reduce Risks


Organizations have spent a lot of time and money trying to harmonize data across diverse platforms , including cleansing, uploading metadata, converting code, defining business glossaries, tracking data transformations and so on. But the attempts to standardize data across the entire enterprise haven’t produced the desired results. The problem usually starts by relying on manual integration methods for data preparation and mapping. Data Quality Obstacles.

Oracle BI Data Sync: How to Add a New Dimension

Perficient Data & Analytics

In this and the following post, I will cover the steps entailed in adding dimension and fact tasks in Oracle Data Sync. The latest releases of Data Sync included a few important features such as performing look-ups during an ETL job. and may not apply to previous versions of Data Sync.

Oracle BI Data Sync: How to Add a New Fact

Perficient Data & Analytics

Following my previous blog post on how to add a new Dimension to a Data Sync task , this post looks at how to add a Fact and perform a lookup on dimensions while loading the target fact table in a data warehouse using Data Sync. Click on the Relational Data tab under Projects.

The Future of Content Marketing Infused With Big Data Analysis


quintillion bytes of data, and 90% of the existing data has been produced over the last two years alone. Big Data is the sheer enormity of information that users generate every second of every day, both online and offline. Using Big Data for effective distribution of content.

Interviews from PASS Summit 2018: Matthew Roche, Matt Masson, Adam Saxton & Patrick LeBlanc

Paul Turley

Speaking with Matthew Roche and Matt Masson about the new Power BI Dataflows announcement, they told me that Power Query is becoming a truly enterprise-class data transformation technology. I had a chance to catch up with two of the three Matts from the Power BI product team at PASS Summit 2018. Matt Roche explained that … Continue reading → Microsoft BI Platform

A new data platform revitalizes a century-old manufacturer

IBM Big Data Hub

After decades of growth, spanning 78 plants in 23 countries on 5 continents, O-I is undertaking a data transformation from the ground up by reassessing their data infrastructure, and they came to IBM for help

Transforming Healthcare with the Tamr Real World Evidence Integration Solution


The digitization of healthcare has made a flood of real world data (RWD) available for collection and analysis. RWD comes from electronic health records, medical claims and billing systems, patient-generated data, product and disease registries, and many other sources.

Streamlining Digitized Patient Data into Analysis-Ready, Real-World Evidence


In the world of digitized healthcare, including electronic health records and claim databases, companies are struggling to keep up with the amount of data gathered about patients. Tackling the disparate data challenge.

‘We want to be agile and not just do agile.’ Alex Tran shares key leadership insights at DI Day

Data Insight

Analytics in an agile organisation Data Insight’s very first DI Day welcomed an array of inspiring speakers. One of the members of our ‘Leaders in Data Transformation’ panel, Alex Tran, shared the lessons learnt on working Agile, a hot topic in organisations today.

Big Data Technology Creates Seismic Changes In Online Gaming

Smart Data Collective

CIO reports that big data has helped the gaming industry increase its revenue to $40.6 How Is Big Data Transforming Digital Gaming? Let’s now tell you about some of the ways that big data is changing up the online gaming platforms. Big data has made this possible.

Unified Clinical Data: the Key to Faster Pharma Breakthroughs


There are a wide variety of causes for expensive drug failures, but key among them is the inability for scientists to efficiently process study data and drive faster, more data-driven processes in the drug development life cycle. Without access to unified clinical data, scientists are burdened with either the inability to find the data they need, or must manually clean, transform, and harmonize study data from different sources and formats.

Meet Perficient’s Chief Strategists: Arvind Murali

Perficient Data & Analytics

The current digital age has generated an exponential amount of data. From mobile devices and online activity to enterprise performance metrics and operational considerations, data is all around us. Some clients begin with a clean slate and want to capitalize on their legacy data assets.

Database vs. Data Warehouse: What’s the Difference?

Jet Global

In the business landscape of 2019, data is the only currency that matters. But the foundational step in getting the data to drive your business forward is first ensuring it can be collected and identified in a way that makes it simple to find and report on with the insights that matter.

AI, the Power of Knowledge and the Future Ahead: An Interview with Head of Ontotext’s R&I Milena Yankova


Milena Yankova : Ontotext works mainly on commercial and research projects that involve huge volumes of data where we search for meaning. We apply Artificial Intelligence techniques to understand the value locked in this data so we can extract knowledge that can benefit people.

How to Streamline Report Management to Enhance Your Data-Driven Business


A critical part of effectively exploring your data, transforming it into actionable insights, and enhancing decision-making for your business is being empowered to slice and dice your data, and be less dependent on technical resources for new updates. Blog.

Sirius Named NetApp FY19 HCI Partner of the Year

Sirius Computer Solutions

Channel partners are critical to helping customers achieve data transformation, and today we recognize and celebrate their accomplishments,” said Jeff McCullough, vice president of Channel Sales for NetApp. “I

Sales 52

Sisense & Periscope Data: A Merger Made in Data Heaven


I am incredibly proud and excited that Periscope Data is combining forces with Sisense in a merger that makes it possible to deliver the premier end-to-end BI and analytics platform that is unmatched in the industry. That’s where the Sisense and Periscope Data merger comes in.

The Chief Marketing Officer and the CDO – A Modern Fable

Peter James Thomas

Where they have, I have normally found the people holding these roles to be better informed about data matters than their peers. Both of these people: […] come at data as people with backgrounds in its use in marketing. It may be to build a new (or a first) Data Architecture.

Manual Feature Engineering

Domino Data Lab

Many thanks to AWP Pearson for the permission to excerpt “Manual Feature Engineering: Manipulating Data for Fun and Profit” from the book, Machine Learning with Python for Everyone by Mark E. You can also define a custom transformer and we’ll see that shortly. fit_transform?evaluates

Power BI + Azure Data Lake = Velocity & Scale to your Analytics

Perficient Data & Analytics

Context – Bring data together from various web, cloud and on-premise data sources and rapidly drive insights. The biggest challenge Business Analysts and BI developers have is the need to ingest and process medium to large data sets on a regular basis. Common Data Model.

Power BI + Azure Data Lake = Velocity & Scale to Your Analytics

Perficient Data & Analytics

Context – Bring data together from various web, cloud and on-premise data sources and rapidly drive insights. The biggest challenge Business Analysts and BI developers have is the need to ingest and process medium to large data sets on a regular basis. Common Data Model.

Self-Serve Data Preparation Doesn’t Mean Traditional ETL is Dead!


It offers high quality data, which otherwise resides in poorly structured heterogeneous, complicated data sources. Think of your data warehouse as an active repository that is ever changing as new data sources keep on getting added and existing data sources keep on getting updated.


Loading Data into Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse using OAC

Perficient Data & Analytics

It greatly empowers end users to accomplish data management tasks with little to no assistance from IT. An ADW data warehouse can be provisioned in minutes, can scale to petabyte level, can be turned on and off by the end user and supports cloning of entire databases in a couple of minutes.

Best Web Analytics 2.0 Tools: Quantitative, Qualitative, Life Saving!

Occam's Razor

the analysis of qualitative and quantitative data from your website and the competition, 2. An expansive view of what it means to use data online, both from the type of data perspective and the kind of desired impact perspective.

Cloudera Connect Partner Program: Hundreds of reasons to say yes


They provide expertise, capabilities, and pre-built solutions that empower Cloudera customers to accelerate their data transformation journeys. The Enterprise Data Cloud opens up new playing fields. When we announced the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) earlier this year, we recognized that our unique multi-function, multi-cloud approach would create new opportunities for our partner ecosystem. Refreshed Technology Certifications for the Cloudera Data Platform.