Tue.Oct 19, 2021

Introducing Self-Service, No-Code Airflow Authoring UI in Cloudera Data Engineering


Airflow has been adopted by many Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) customers in the public cloud as the next generation orchestration service to setup and operationalize complex data pipelines.

5 Features Of Snowflake That Data Engineers Must Know

Analytics Vidhya

This article was published as a part of the Data Science Blogathon Snowflake is a cloud data platform that comes with a lot of unique features when compared to traditional on-premise RDBMS systems.


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Data Engineers are Burned Out and Calling for DataOps


The post Data Engineers are Burned Out and Calling for DataOps first appeared on DataKitchen. DataOps Engineering News / PR Press Release


Use External Data Platform to Improve Analytics

David Menninger's Analyst Perspectives

Access to external data can provide a competitive advantage. Our research shows that more than three-quarters (77%) of participants consider external data to be an important part of their machine learning (ML) efforts.

Your Guide to Using Conversational Marketing to Drive Demand Generation

What is conversational marketing really about? This guide will examine the market forces at play, shifting buyer trends, how to leverage conversation marketing, and the tactics involved in adopting it for a B2B demand generation strategy.

What opportunities can a Data Science Bootcamp bring you?


What opportunities can a Data Science Bootcamp bring you? The number of jobs you can access after joining a Data Science bootcamp is broad! With the interest in Data Science growing, companies are looking for qualified data specialists to join their teams and help them make data-driven decisions.

Diving Into the Future of Deep Learning: Exploring the Novel Challenges Title

Analytics Vidhya

This article was published as a part of the Data Science Blogathon Overview Though it is believed that tech enthusiasts are passing through the golden age of Artificial Intelligence, engineers and scientists still need to explore miles while progressing on their journey to Deep Learning projects.

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Data Quality: Volume, interdependencies can create big problems


The post Data Quality: Volume, interdependencies can create big problems first appeared on DataKitchen. News News / PR

6 Ways Predictive Data Makes Smart Real Estate Investors Rich


Predictive analytics leverages big data to combine past data, behavioral analytics, and real-time data to create a profile of customer preferences. Using algorithms, you can predict a customer’s future buying patterns and what they will want.

Build A Voice Recorder Using Python

Analytics Vidhya

This article was published as a part of the Data Science Blogathon A voice recorder records a sound or a voice of a person and converts it into an audio file.

Volaris in El Salvador set to accept bitcoin


SAN SALVADOR (Reuters) - Low-cost airline Volaris will accept bitcoin in El Salvador, Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele said Tuesday.

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Put Your Data to Work: The Complete Playbook

Turn your data into a competitive advantage. This playbook contains: Exclusive stats, research & insights on how the pandemic affected businesses. A comprehensive “Request For Proposal” (RFP) checklist and an interactive quiz to test your data knowledge.

An Introduction to Random Forest Algorithm for beginners

Analytics Vidhya

This article was published as a part of the Data Science Blogathon Overview Random forests are a supervised Machine learning algorithm that is widely used in regression and classification problems and produces, even without hyperparameter tuning a great result most of the time.

Global 'Squid Game' mania lifts Netflix quarter


By Lisa Richwine and Eva Mathews. Reuters) -Netflix Inc's global sensation "Squid Game" helped lure more new customers than expected, the world's largest streaming service said on Tuesday as it predicted a packed lineup would further boost signups through the end of the year.

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Implementing Artificial Neural Network(Classification) in Python From Scratch

Analytics Vidhya

This article was published as a part of the Data Science Blogathon Neural networks. One of the booming technological breakthroughs in the 21st century. Are you interested in creating your own neural network from scratch in Python? Well, you are at the right place.

The Data Skills You Need in Today's Job Market


Just about every industry these days makes use of data. This is because data provides hard, real, and relevant insights into both business practices and customer behaviors that can help transform industry for the better.

The Engineering Leader's Guide to Empowering Excellence With Data

A software engineering team is measured by its outputs — the quality of the code delivered and the speed at which it was shipped. The first step to achieving success is the inputs; leaders need to create an environment that enables developers to excel.

Why AI Is Essential to the New Energy Model


Between energy diversity, climate challenges, and growth in electricity consumption, energy producers and suppliers must constantly optimize their processes and anticipate demand in order to adjust their offers, a strategy based on massive data collection and the deployment of AI solutions.

U.S. lawmakers say Facebook cannot be trusted to manage cryptocurrency


By Kanishka Singh. Reuters) - A group of U.S. lawmakers said Facebook Inc cannot be trusted to manage cryptocurrency and urged the social media platform to discontinue immediately a small pilot of its cryptocurrency wallet named Novi, which was launched on Tuesday.

5 Proven Tips To Use Analytics to Improve Your Website in 2021

Smart Data Collective

Analytics technology has become more important than ever in shaping the future of business. Countless businesses are looking for new ways to apply analytics technology to improve every aspect of their business model.

Westpac to launch zero-interest digital card with young consumers in focus


(Reuters) - Westpac Banking Corp said on Wednesday it would launch a digital credit card this year that would offer zero interest and be aimed primarily at young customers who are seeking the convenience of fast and efficient payment services.

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Building Product to Enhance Customer Support: The Key to Customer Retention in an E-commerce Business

Speaker: Bhavana Angadi, Senior Product Manager at Hopscotch (Demand & Growth) | Former Product Manager at Bigbasket

Join Bhavana Angadi, Senior Product Manager at Hopscotch, as she details the best way to increase customer retention.

What is Yield Farming in Crypto and How Does Data Analytics Help?

Smart Data Collective

Data analytics has become a major gamechanger for the cryptocurrency industry. Traders and miners have discovered a number of advantages of using big data and AI tools to improve their profitability. One of the newest applications of data analytics in cryptocurrency mining is with yield farming.

ROI 80

Tesla quarter may hinge on China factory, supply chain costs


By Hyunjoo Jin. SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Investors will be closely watching Tesla's quarterly results on Wednesday for indications of its performance in China, where the electric carmaker has posted robust sales in the face of negative publicity and a host of new domestic competitors.

Five Ways AI Can Help States Solve Their Hardest Problems (Part 1): Enhance Crisis Response


State government’s first priority is simple: to help people and to do so by creating an environment in which its constituents can flourish. For over 200 years, state and local governments have been serving people and have greatly increased their services.

U.S. Senate panel to hold new hearing on social media impact on young users


By David Shepardson. WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Senate will hold an Oct. 26 hearing with tech firms Snap's Snapchat, TikTok, and Alphabet's YouTube about their platforms' impact on young users, a panel said on Tuesday.

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LinkedIn + ZoomInfo Recruiter: Better Data for Better Candidates

Check out our latest ebook for a guide to the in-depth, wide-ranging candidate and company data offered by ZoomInfo Recruiter — and make your next round of candidate searches faster, more efficient, and ultimately more successful.

Creating a Powerful Presentation: 3 Easy Changes to Revamp your PowerPoint

Depict Data Studio

Depict Data Studio full courses always end with a graduation ceremony where students share the progress they’ve made in the course. I’m always amazed by the transformations that take place and I can’t help but want to share their wonderful work!

Comcast, Walmart team up to sell smart TVs with the media firm's software


(Add dropped word 'said' in paragraph 1). Reuters) -Comcast Corp has launched smart TVs that run on its operating system and will be sold in the United States at Walmart Inc stores and in the coming weeks at the retailer's website, the media giant said on Tuesday.

Analytics as a Service (AaaS)

The Data Administration Newsletter

As technology is improving itself with continuous upgrades, it has led to the birth of using software without installing it on your device, such service is known as Software as a Service (SaaS).

Micron to build $7 billion plant in Japan to expand DRAM production - report


TOKYO (Reuters) -U.S. memory chip maker Micron Technology Inc will build a new factory at its Japanese production site in Hiroshima at a cost of 800 billion yen ($7.0 billion), the Nikkan Kogyo newspaper reported on Wednesday.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Strong and Effective Value Proposition

Speaker: Robin Zaragoza, Product Coach and CEO of The Product Refinery

Join Robin Zaragoza, product coach and CEO of The Product Refinery, as she shares tips on how to create a powerful Value Proposition that keeps your customer at the heart of your product development process.

CDW to Acquire Sirius Computer Solutions for $2.5 billion

Sirius Computer Solutions

Significantly Accelerates CDW’s Services and Solutions Capabilities and Enhances Ability to Deliver Customer-Centric Outcomes Across the Full Technology Solutions Stack. Strengthens CDW’s Financial Profile through Margin Expansion and Non-GAAP EPS Accretion. LINCOLNSHIRE, Ill.–(BUSINESS

ASML edges past analyst estimate for Q3 profit amid chip shortage


By Toby Sterling. AMSTERDAM (Reuters) -ASML Holding NV, a key supplier to computer chip makers, posted slightly better-than-expected quarterly net income of 1.74 billion euros ($2 billion) on Wednesday, amid strong demand for its products and a global semiconductor shortage.

How CFOs can transform to Finance 4.0


Change is happening in Finance, and we have outlined both how the mindset should change and how to create time and energy for doing more value-adding work. However, knowing that change should happen and making the change happening are two very different things.

AutoStore, Norway's biggest IPO in two decades, valued at $12.4 billion


By Gwladys Fouche and Supantha Mukherjee. OSLO (Reuters) -Norwegian robotics firm AutoStore said on Wednesday it had priced its initial public offering (IPO) at 31 Norwegian crowns per share, the top of its target range, valuing the company at 103.5 billion crowns ($12.4 billion).

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The Retailer’s Guide to Marketing Data

Retailers are faced with extraordinary challenges – from changing consumer needs to unpredictable twists & turns in the economy. Learn how innovative retailers use zero-, first-, second-, and third-party data to find their best customers and drive repeat purchases.