Broadcast Media is Finally Embracing AI


But in the years that followed, the broadcast industry was surprisingly slow to adopt other AI or machine learning (ML) technologies. Netflix’s recommendation engine may have made waves when the company’s streaming platform launched in 2010. AI & Machine Learning

How Can You Optimize your Spark Jobs and Attain Efficiency – Tips and Tricks!

Analytics Vidhya

Advanced Data Engineering Spark broadcasting core executors memoryThis article was published as a part of the Data Science Blogathon. Introduction “Data is the new oil” ~ that’s no secret and is. The post How Can You Optimize your Spark Jobs and Attain Efficiency – Tips and Tricks!

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Canada seeks $630 million from streaming firms to fund domestic content


OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canada introduced a bill on Tuesday that would strengthen the broadcast regulator and allow it to collect up to C$830 million ($630 million) by 2023 from online streaming companies such as Netflix and Amazon to fund Canadian content. By David Ljunggren.

Japanese town deploys 'Monster Wolf' robots to deter wild bears


Bear sightings are at a five-year high, mostly in rural areas in western and northern Japan, national broadcaster NHK has reported.

Daimler will shrink with shift to electric, autonomous cars: CEO


The next five years we will become a smaller company," Kaellenius told a Reuters Events broadcast on Thursday. "We By Edward Taylor.

Former ABC executive to become chairwoman of Warner Bros. TV


broadcast network. (Reuters) - Former ABC network executive Channing Dungey will take over as chairwoman of Warner Bros. Television Group, the AT&T Inc unit said on Monday, replacing veteran television executive Peter Roth, who will step down next year.

Conversational Computing and More News from Oracle Analytics Summit 2019

David Menninger's Analyst Perspectives

The Oracle Analytics Summit 2019 was the inaugural user event for Oracle Analytics customers, and they also broadcast the video for thousands of others. You can watch the keynote at [link]. Executives talked about some big organizational changes, including Bruno Aziza joining last year to lead the analytics organization. This event marked a transition and "a new beginning" for the Oracle Analytics portfolio, as the company announced three new analytics products.

Pandemic-proof Apple to kick off lineup for critical holiday season


The devices will be shown in an event broadcast [link] from its Cupertino, California headquarters starting at 1 p.m. By Stephen Nellis.

Mediaset, Vivendi seek compromise to revive European growth plan: sources


MILAN (Reuters) - Mediaset and its second largest investor Vivendi are working on a potential deal to end a long-running legal row and revive the Italian broadcaster's European growth strategy, two sources close to the matter said. By Elvira Pollina.

Apple expected to unveil updates to Watches, iPads


Reuters) - Apple Inc will broadcast an event from its Cupertino, California campus on Tuesday where analysts expect it to show updated Apple Watches, iPads and other devices while reserving an iPhone launch for next month. By Stephen Nellis.

Twitter aims to label more state-affiliated accounts worldwide


Twitter has been used widely by activists, sometimes using pseudonyms, to broadcast human rights abuses from countries like Saudi Arabia and China, but. By Sheila Dang. Reuters) - Twitter Inc Chief Executive Jack Dorsey said on Friday the social media platform plans to expand its labeling of state-affiliated accounts worldwide, even as he defended its policy of allowing leaders of countries like Iran and China to use Twitter.

How Remote AR Has The Power to Revolutionise How We Collaborate


Augmented reality is an emerging technology that’s set to challenge traditional approaches towards collaboration across multiple fields. The world’s continually getting smaller, with businesses making use of recruiting staff globally as well as embracing the emerging gig economy.

How to Monetize the Sports Digital Transformation


The sports ecosystem—from the right holders to the broadcasters, the technology platforms, the partners to the providers—is ready for disruption. Sporting events from across the world are now popularly broadcasted through different media to give an immersive experience to end users. The sports digital transformation is upon us, and the world of sports is about to be disrupted through the technology at play.

Win with AI: Insurance company Guidewell looks to get data for AI

IBM Big Data Hub

James Wade, Director of Application Hosting at Guidewell and IBM Analytics Hemanth Manda spoke with Dave Vellante in New York City on the eve of the 13 September taping of the Win with AI digital broadcast about the challenge of getting data ready for AI and how IBM Cloud Private for Data can help

A Single View of the Truth – Finding a Common Language

Data Virtualization

Just before lockdown I attended an excellent event in Holland where the presentations from Dutch speakers were translated and broadcast through headsets in real time (by some very adept linguists) into several other languages for the benefit of those, like.

Win with AI: How to move up the maturity curve

IBM Big Data Hub

Rob Thomas, general manager of IBM Analytics, sat down with Dave Vellante in New York City on the eve of the 13 September taping of the Win with AI digital broadcast to talk about the evolution of big data and how clients can take the next leap forward into self-service analytics before using AI to grow their business

Accuracy Fallacy: The Media’s Coverage of AI Is Bogus


Such as the gross exaggerations Stanford researchers broadcasted about their infamous "AI gaydar" project, there exists a prevalent "accuracy fallacy" in relation to AI from the media. Find out more about how the press constantly misleads the public into believing that machine learning can reliably predict psychosis, heart attacks, sexuality, and much more. 2019 Dec Opinions Accuracy AI Hype Media

Win with AI: Niagara Bottling taps IBM Data Science Elite Team

IBM Big Data Hub

Sreesha Rao, senior manager of IT applications at Niagara Bottling and Seth Dobrin, CDO of IBM Analytics, spoke with Dave Vellante in NYC on the eve of the 13 September taping of the Win with AI digital broadcast about the company’s efforts to save on plastic use by optimizing the settings of its pallet wrappers, machines that wrap an entire pallet stacked with cases of bottles in multiple revolutions of stretch plastic.

Announcing the 2020 Data Impact Award Winners


During the first-ever virtual broadcast of our annual Data Impact Awards (DIA) ceremony, we had the great pleasure of announcing this year’s finalists and winners. What a fantastic 24-hours it has been here at Cloudera.

Data Driven Insights For A Holistic Digital And Print Marketing Campaign

Smart Data Collective

Digital marketing, put simply, is any form of marketing that is broadcast via digital means. At Smart Data Collective, we have talked extensively about the benefits of big data in digital marketing. We have focused a lot on using data analytics for SEO.

Walking wallets – objectifying customers in a digital world

Mark McDonald

Fifty years ago marketing and broadcast technologies turned individuals into mass-market segments and nameless consumers. Customers are critical to digital success. They are not only the source of revenue but also the source of future insight and innovation. Yet many digital strategists view customers as little more than walking wallets. Objectifying the customer is nothing new, but surprising in the digital world with its fierce competition for customer voice, choice and experience.

New Multithreading Model for Apache Impala


Broadcast Hash Join. For the Broadcast Hash Join, the parallelization is based on a separation of the build and probe phases into distinct plans. Introduction. Today we are introducing a new series of blog posts that will take a look at recent enhancements to Apache Impala.

The Incredibly Important Role Of Big Data In Academia

Smart Data Collective

After the adoption of the final report, the broadcasting of negative trends to regional and municipal authorities, approval and implementation of the action plan for training young personnel for the education system for the coming years. One of the most important elements in the evolution of the education system is the ability to make informed conclusions about the need to change approaches that are used and the actions that are taken.

Big Data In Hockey Takes The Sport By Storm

Smart Data Collective

Media: Newspapers, television broadcasts, live streams, and even social media can benefit from big data. While sports analytics is hardly a new idea, how it is being used in hockey has changed dramatically. Coaches no longer have to wait for newspapers to print out statistics. Fans are not left to wonder how their favorite players are truly excelling. What has brought about this change? Big data.

Investigating The Scalability Issues Of Bitcoin In Blockchain

Smart Data Collective

Each node on the network will broadcast a lookup table for the transaction pool, which will be recognized by the other nodes in the network. The final state of the channel is then broadcasted to the blockchain network so that it gets included in the blockchain in a single transaction. Scalability is a crucial factor that is talked about even before an application has been created.

Take Advantage Of Professional Social Media Reports – Examples & Templates


billion logged in monthly users , you can navigate the platform in a total of 80 different languages, over 91 countries, and reach more 18-49 year-olds than on any broadcast or Cable TV network. “In Social Media, the “squeaky wheel” gets the oil. You have to put yourself out there, to find people who will relate or even debate with you, depending on what you are looking for.” – Jessica Northey.

Q&A Tuesday with David Leary: Helping Financial Professionals Weather Their Storms

Jet Global

The podcast summarizes the week’s accounting and bookkeeping news into a one-hour broadcast so that commuters can get all their accounting and bookkeeping news in an easily digestible and accessible way.

Happy Anniversary & THANK YOU! Ten years of AR’s Blog

Adrian Reed

And contribution isn’t just about ‘broadcasting’ either; it’s (in my view) about cultivating conversations and ‘learning our way through’ the tricky situations we find ourselves in. Business Analysis isn’t all serious (Photo taken at #BA2019). If there’s one thing that acts as a ‘leveller’ it’s time. However ‘successful’ or ‘rich’ a person is, there is still only 24 hours in their day.

The trinity of errors in financial models: An introductory analysis using TensorFlow Probability

O'Reilly on Data

Pad a dim so we broadcast fed probs against CC interest rates. An exploration of three types of errors inherent in all financial models. At Hedged Capital , an AI-first financial trading and advisory firm, we use probabilistic models to trade the financial markets. In this blog post, we explore three types of errors inherent in all financial models, with a simple example of a model in TensorFlow Probability (TFP). Finance is not physics.

The Obviousness Trap: Double Yellow Lines And The Danger Of Unrecognised Misunderstandings

Adrian Reed

The beauty of a symbol like a set of double yellow lines is they can convey rich meaning concisely, it’s like sending a broadcast ‘message’ to road users. Progressing change is an inherently human endeavour.

Is AI Censorship Driving Global Demand For VPN Options?

Smart Data Collective

These geo-licenses restrict these brands from broadcasting or streaming this content outside their location. Artificial intelligence is driving the need for new approaches to censorship. A growing number of governments and corporations are using AI tools to identify content they don’t like and ban customers access to it. Facebook has been using AI technology to detect content they don’t like and impose restrictions to it.

Being a BA in the Screen-Scrolling Economy: Business Analyst as Stakeholder Advocate

Adrian Reed

I suspect the answer is “not often enough” Too often, corporate social media teams appear to exist for two main reasons: To broadcast corporate messages and press releases that nobody really wants to read To placate complaints. Image Credit: © — #202841040. There is little doubt that social media platforms have created new ways for people to interact with each other.

Is A Big Data A Blessing Or A Curse To The Old Internet?

Smart Data Collective

It’s unlikely that we will ever lose access to major sitcoms or albums by popular artists, but shows with one short season on a smaller broadcast station or indie albums produced through minuscule labels always run the risk of being lost to time. Although the Internet has existed since around the beginning of the Cold War, it didn’t reach American households until the mid-1990s. The proliferation of big data has had a major impact on the future of the Internet.

Webex and Digital Collaboration in the Work-From-Home Era

Sirius Computer Solutions

With the right tools, virtual experiences like lunch-and-learn events, town halls and all-hands meetings can be just as effective as in-person ones when it comes to broadcasting information, answering questions, and even engaging audiences. How secure is your remote collaboration tool? For many of us, the way we work has changed immeasurably.

Consensus algorithms in blockchain and beyond – 2 of 5

Perficient Data & Analytics

In the pre-prepare phase, the goal is to acknowledge the sequence number assigned to the message and broadcast to all the replicas is unique. To initiate a view-change, which will switch primaries, all replicas broadcasts to all other replicas along with their current state (list pf prepared requests) so the new primary what messages have not been completed.

How to vote for secure and stable cryptocurrency infrastructure


Disclaimer: There will be two waiting periods now: First, it may take a moment for Square Cash to broadcast your transaction to the Bitcoin blockchain. Your friendly guide for voting in the ongoing election to secure the future of ICON’s on-chain governance. We’ll take you step-by-step through converting your fiat currency (dollars, euros, etc) into ICX tokens and staked votes for any P-Rep candidate.

Amazon Connect Streams API Changelog #1: Through May 2018

Perficient Data & Analytics

The mute and unmute functions broadcast MUTE events upstream, i.e. to any other listening components, with a mute flag of true to mute, false to unmute. Amazon Connect Streams API (Streams) allows developers to create custom agent experiences for Amazon Connect. Since my introductory posts back in late 2017 there have been several changes to Streams, some from the community, some directly from Amazon. These changes are managed as pull requests.

Next generation tools for data science

The Unofficial Google Data Science Blog

broadcast(c_centers_old) # For every point, find the cluster its closer to and add to its total x, y, and count totals = pt_rdd. By DAVID ADAMS Since inception, this blog has defined “data science” as inference derived from data too big to fit on a single computer. Thus the ability to manipulate big data is essential to our notion of data science. While MapReduce remains a fundamental tool, many interesting analyses require more than it can offer.

Consensus Algorithms in Blockchain and Beyond – 1 of 5

Perficient Data & Analytics

ZAB, the Zookeeper Atomic Broadcast protocol, is used by Apache Zookeeper and is often compared to Paxos. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and smart contract platforms like Ethereum are recent examples of the evolution of consensus algorithms blockchain represents. Consensus, getting distributed processes to agree on a single value, is a fundamental problem in computer science. Distributed processing is difficult.

How to Easily Understand Your Python Objects


Image used with permission from [link] Have you ever had a new Python object that you wanted to quickly familiarize yourself with? Or maybe you have a familiar object and you’re looking for that one particular method, but you don’t know how to describe it to Google. I frequently run into this issue in my data science workflow with complex objects in libraries, like TensorFlow.

An Incredible Analytics Experience: 5 Years of Occam’s Razor

Occam's Razor

and that Occam's Razor would not be like every other blog – a broadcast. My beloved little labor of love, this analytics blog, is 5 years old today. Five! I am so proud of having reached this incredible milestone, because when I started I was not sure I would make it to the first anniversary. Let me tell you how utterly improbable it seemed. My first blog post, on May 15th, 2006, was titled Traditional Web Analytics is Dead (let me emphasize the first word, traditional ).

Political issues around big tech companies


There is some precedent for actual breakup of technology companies, mainly the 1982 breakup of AT&T/the Bell System in telephony and a couple of rounds of divestiture by the GE/RCA/NBC broadcasting/electronics companies in 1932 and 1942. The technology industry has an increasingly complex relationship to government and politics, most importantly in three areas: Privacy and surveillance. Censorship. Antitrust, general economic regulation, and other competition management.

Proportionally Speaking

Perceptual Edge

It appeared on the PBS Newshour broadcast on September 23, 2019 in a segment titled “ Judges weigh Trump’s family planning finding rule.” Near the end of the broadcast the following text appeared on the screen: This is an example of a proportion that has been expressed as the difference between two values (i.e., As data sensemakers, we spend a great deal of time examining quantitative relationships.