Italian watchdog investigates Google over alleged advertising market abuse


ROME/MILAN (Reuters) - Italy's antitrust authority is investigating Alphabet's Google for alleged abuse of its dominant position in the Italian online display advertising market, it said on Wednesday. The Italian online advertising market was worth revenue of 3.3

Walmart cranks up advertising drive, with or without TikTok


Reuters) - Walmart Inc is aggressively expanding its advertising business after years of stuttering progress, even as a proposed deal to buy a stake in video-sharing app TikTok remains stuck in limbo. By Sheila Dang, Richa Naidu, Melissa Fares and Kenneth Li.

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How Data Technology Disrupts Facebook Advertising At Its Core

Smart Data Collective

One of the biggest changes big data has created in recent years is in the realm of Facebook advertising. However, one of the biggest changes data technology has caused pertains to Facebook advertising. How Data Technology is Changing the Future of Facebook Advertising.

Rise of the (advertising) machines

O'Reilly on Data

Continue reading Rise of the (advertising) machines Mike Tidmarsh looks at how data and AI are radically reshaping the world of marketing communications.

The Integration of Billboard Advertising and Digital Marketing


Advertising is the concept of creating awareness about a brand, product, or event. Its application has evolved over the years from simple paper posters on the streets to wooden boards, billboards, radio, TV and now online digital advertising. While some of the methods used to advertise in the past continue to fade, some remain relatively important to businesses looking to launch a successful marketing campaign.

Do You Know the Vital Steps to Programmatic Advertising Success?


In today’s digital world, programmatic advertising plays an essential role in the digital transformation of how businesses perform, succeed and hold on to customers. It is the automated buying and selling of online advertising that makes transactions efficient and more effective. Stats Associated with Programmatic Advertising. Programmatic advertising will climb over 80% in all the USA, Canada, the UK, and Denmark markets when it comes to all digital media by 2020.

Are Advertisers Using Your Streaming Data Ethically?


Modern consumers face a conundrum. How can they balance the benefits of technology with the risks of their sensitive data falling into the wrong hands? We are now in the era of information. Data is raising the interest of business leaders – and the concern of citizens. Every minute, over 70,000 transactions and nearly 4 million Google searches take place.

Social media deal earns advertisers' 'likes', but not yet all their dollars


LONDON (Reuters) - Advertisers who boycotted social media are not all rushing back, despite an agreement by Facebook, YouTube and Twitter on how to curb harmful content online. Unilever, one of the world's biggest advertisers, told Reuters the move this week was "a good step in the right direction," but would not say whether it would resume paid advertising on Facebook in the United States next year after stopping over the summer. By Martinne Geller.

A Classic Deep Learning Project – How to Add an Image Behind Objects in a Video

Analytics Vidhya

Advanced Computer Vision Image Python Technique Unstructured Data advertisements arrays brand image processing NumPy opencv video analytics video dataOverview Adding an image behind a moving object is a classic deep learning project Learn how to add a logo in a video using. The post A Classic Deep Learning Project – How to Add an Image Behind Objects in a Video appeared first on Analytics Vidhya.

TikTok launches marketing program for advertisers


(Reuters) - TikTok launched a marketing program on Thursday to attract more advertisers with tools to measure the success of ad campaigns that run on its popular short video app.

Facebook Advertising / Marketing: Best Metrics, ROI, Business Value

Occam's Razor

We've seen explosive growth in brand pages, types of advertising and other fun ways to monetize this audience. Based on results of value identified for Facebook, optimize their advertising mix strategy for future product launches. Then we can treat every campaign as an opportunity to identify causality between the money spent on advertising and the product sales achieved. Our sections are: #1: Facebook Advertising/Marketing ROI Challenge: You're Thinking Wrong. #2:

The YouTube Dilemma: When Digital Advertising And Objectionable Content Collide

Bruno Aziza

The problem for brands, of course, is that it’s no longer as easy to know where campaigns are appearing. There are literally millions of websites and apps. And some of them publish material that no brand would want its name associated with

Exclusive: AT&T considers cellphone plans subsidized by ads


Reuters) - AT&T Inc is considering offering wireless phone plans partially subsidized by advertising as soon as a year from now, Chief Executive John Stankey said in an interview on Tuesday. By Sheila Dang, Helen Coster, Krystal Hu and Kenneth Li.

Google faces grilling on ad business before U.S. Senate antitrust panel


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Alphabet Inc's Google will be questioned about its ad business in a hearing on Tuesday, with a particular focus expected on whether it misused its dominance in online advertising to drive profits.

Online giants will have to open ad archives to EU antitrust regulators


online giants such as Alphabet unit Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook, with their treasure troves of data and lucrative online advertising businesses. Advertising algorithms help companies target ads at the users that advertisers want to reach. By Foo Yun Chee.

Google under review for possible British competition inquiry


LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's competition regulator said on Monday it had received a complaint about Google related to its market study this year on online platforms and digital advertising.

Apple, GroupM, others ask for tough protection for data in Google lawsuit


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Apple Inc, advertising giant GroupM and others asked the judge hearing the Justice Department's lawsuit against Alphabet's Google on Friday to allow them to designate certain data used by the government as "highly confidential," to ensure that no-one from Google could see it.

Spotify to buy ad tech firm Megaphone to monetize podcasts


STOCKHOLM/NEW YORK (Reuters) - Sweden-based Spotify Technology SA has agreed to buy podcast advertising and publishing platform Megaphone, it said on Tuesday, the latest in a series of a deals to boost its podcast platform.

How to increase profitability in the automotive industry


Customers now bargain from cost and up, rather from advertised price and down, making it more important than ever to manage pricing strategically. It is no secret that the automotive aftermarket is cut throat and consolidating rapidly.

Facebook extends ban on U.S. political ads for another month


While multiple sources have projected a presidential winner, we still believe it's important to help prevent confusion or abuse on our platform," Facebook told advertisers in an email seen by Reuters, which told advertisers to expect the pause to last another month though there "may be.

Amazon drops French Black Friday ad campaign as lockdown starts


PARIS (Reuters) - Amazon is withdrawing advertising for pre-Black Friday discounts in France, after the government said the campaign was unfair to small shops at time when a coronavirus lockdown has forced them to close.

Around the world in 10 days, Glashier-style


The travel ban has been a major restriction of the quarantine but Phocas founder and co-CEO, Myles Glashier and his wife Babs, a former advertising creative dreamed-up an around-the-world adventure. Ever had a staycation get out of hand? It started as a bit of fun, activities to keep the kids amused in lockdown. Suddenly, each day was more outrageous and imaginative than the last.

Google, U.S. government prepare for battle over market power


Justice Department is expected to file a lawsuit against Alphabet's Google as soon as next week, kicking off a long legal slog over whether the online search and advertising company uses its outsized market power unfairly. Google is accused of looking to disadvantage rivals such as Microsoft's Bing, depriving them of the scale, and thus the data about user preferences and users themselves, that they need to improve and to advertise to users. By Diane Bartz.

Progressive Democrats urge action on tech as potential Google lawsuit looms


The tweets come as the Justice Department, which has been conducting an antitrust investigation of Google and others, plans to bring a lawsuit against the search and advertising giant as soon as this month, according to sources who said that the probe focused on search and advertising.

U.S. expected to sue Google next week as DOJ seeks support from states


The lawsuit is expected to accuse Google, builder of the world's dominant search engine, of looking to disadvantage rivals such as Microsoft's Bing by depriving them of the data about users and user preferences that they need to improve and to advertise to people.

Washington state seeks $100,000 from Twitter for campaign finance violations


The company failed to maintain the required records for at least 38 Washington candidates and committees that reported paying $194,550 for political advertising on Twitter, the attorney general's office said, citing a judgment filed at King County Superior Court. "We

U.S. case against Google seen benefiting from Obama-nominated judge


Justice Department's case against Alphabet's Google , suggests a tough courtroom battle ahead for the $1-trillion search and advertising company. By Diane Bartz and David Shepardson. WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The selection of U.S.

Turkey fines Google $26 million for abusing market position: competition board


The company has been found to be violating the terms of fair competition due to unfair access to advertisement space, the statement said, and the California-based tech giant "was abusing its dominant power in the market". ISTANBUL (Reuters) - The Turkish Competition Board has fined Google 196.7

Factbox: Big Tech's market dominance spurs numerous U.S. antitrust probes


Justice Department is expected to file a relatively narrow complaint within two weeks, which accuses Google of seeking to disadvantage rivals in search and in lucrative search advertising.

Apple to delay privacy change threatening Facebook, mobile ad market


The delay could benefit Facebook, which last week said the changes to the iOS 14 operating system would render one of its mobile advertising tools "so ineffective on iOS 14 that it may not make sense to offer it.". By Stephen Nellis.

U.S. Senator Blumenthal demands AT&T drop push for ad-subsidized cellphone plans


Senator Richard Blumenthal on Friday called on AT&T Inc to stop pursuing plans to offer cellphone plans partially subsidized by advertising that he said would undermine consumer privacy. By Kenneth Li. Reuters) - U.S.

Pinterest projects 60% sales growth in fourth-quarter as ad sales rebound


Pinterest said it benefited as advertisers redirected spending to its platform following a social media ad boycott campaign that began in July. A long list of companies have pulled advertising from Facebook Inc , in support of a. By Munsif Vengattil.

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Meet the lawyers behind the U.S. versus Google antitrust showdown


Justice Department and 11 states have filed an antitrust lawsuit accusing Alphabet Inc's Google of maintaining an illegal monopoly over internet search and search advertising. By Jan Wolfe. WASHINGTON - The U.S.

China's Tencent profit surges 89% as it rides gaming boom


HONG KONG (Reuters) - Chinese gaming and social media giant Tencent Holdings Ltd reported an 89% rise in quarterly profit on Thursday, with its blockbuster game Honour of Kings and solid advertising businesses helping it to beat forecasts and lift its shares. By Pei Li.

Google at odds with U.S. over protective order for firms tied to lawsuit: court filing


Justice Department have failed to reach agreement over a protective order for third parties like Microsoft that provided data to the government for its lawsuit against the search and advertising giant. WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Alphabet's Google and the U.S.

Google presses for quicker release of documents in lawsuit


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A lawyer representing Alphabet Inc's Google in the search and advertising giant's legal fight with the government pressed on Wednesday for a faster release of documents used to write the complaint against the company. "We By Diane Bartz.

Google redesigns Pay app, opens waitlist for bank accounts with Citi


Google will receive a distribution fee for those promotions, opening a small new line of revenue for the advertising giant. By Paresh Dave and Anna Irrera. OAKLAND, Calif./LONDON LONDON (Reuters) - Alphabet Inc's Google on Wednesday relaunched its U.S.

Twitter warns U.S. election could affect ad sales, shares drop 16%


The company also cautioned that it was hard to predict how advertisers would react as the U.S. By Sheila Dang. Reuters) - Twitter Inc on Thursday added fewer users than Wall Street had expected and said a rise in expenses would accelerate in the fourth quarter, sending its shares tumbling 16%.

Sales 190

Baidu quarterly revenue beats, to buy JOYY's live streaming unit in China


Baidu's vibrant mobile ecosystem enables the fast growth of its non-advertising revenue by increasing log-in users and expanding offerings like membership, live streaming and online games, Chief Executive Officer Robin Li said in a statement.

U.S. agency needs new powers to protect local news industry: senator


Maria Cantwell, the top Democrat on the Senate Commerce Committee, said in a report released Tuesday that "local news has been hijacked by a few large news aggregation platforms, most notably Google and Facebook, which have become the dominant players in online advertising.".

Tech earnings tsunami buoys Alphabet, sinks Apple


Alphabet and Facebook both reported strong rises in advertising sales and. By Noel Randewich.

Indonesia adds Microsoft, others to list of tech firms that must pay VAT


The companies in Friday's announcement must start charging VAT to advertisers and other customers from Nov.

Google says Australian antitrust law would hit small content creators


Google's YouTube video service allows individuals and companies to create channels featuring advertisements that create revenue for both them and YouTube. By Renju Jose.