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DAMA International Community Corner: August 2021 – A Wrap for Now


With this column, DAMA International’s streak of quarterly columns since mid-2001 is coming to an end. It has been an incredible run. I hope it is just “see you soon” rather than “goodbye.” The columns have featured the activities and incredible work of DAMA International over the past two decades. Thank you, DAMA, and I […].

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Enhancing triparty repo transactions with IBM MQ for efficiency, security and scalability

IBM Big Data Hub

CCIL) is a central counterparty (CCP) that was set up in April 2001 to provide clearing and settlement for transactions in government securities, foreign exchange and money markets in the country. This will help reduce errors and miscommunications, enabling transactions to be executed correctly.


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Speed up queries with the cost-based optimizer in Amazon Athena

AWS Big Data

Query 2 with wscs as (select sold_date_sk ,sales_price from (select ws_sold_date_sk sold_date_sk ,ws_ext_sales_price sales_price from web_sales union all select cs_sold_date_sk sold_date_sk ,cs_ext_sales_price sales_price from catalog_sales)), wswscs as (select d_week_seq, sum(case when (d_day_name='Sunday') then sales_price else null end) sun_sales, (..)

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How to Use Apache Iceberg in CDP’s Open Lakehouse


8 2001 5967780. Our imported flights table now contains the same data as the existing external hive table and we can quickly check the row counts by year to confirm: year _c1. 1 2008 7009728. 2 2007 7453215. 3 2006 7141922. 4 2005 7140596. 5 2004 7129270. 6 2003 6488540. 7 2002 5271359. 9 2000 5683047. …. In-place partition evolution .

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The Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2020: Initial Catalysts, Current Implications, and Future Impacts

Speaker: Elizabeth "Paige" Baumann, Founder and CEO of Paige Baumann Advisory, LLC

anti-money laundering laws since the USA PATRIOT Act of 2001. In this webinar, you'll be provided with a clear overview of the Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2020 (AMLA), which also includes the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA). The AMLA represents the most significant changes in U.S.

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IT pros say tech budgets to stay strong, but mainly for big companies

CIO Business Intelligence

Companies that did so in 2001 and 2008 were frequently punished for it by the market. Our research revealed improvements across performance, reliability, security and even reduced overall IT costs among organizations that modernized their infrastructure â??even even if that was initially out of necessity.â??. t spur IT cutbacks.

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A history of tech adaptation for today’s changing business needs

CIO Business Intelligence

The company has been on a continuous journey to adapt its internal and external processes to new business needs and opportunities since 2001.” “Digital transformation is not a new concept for Ipsos,” says global CIO Humair Mohammed.