August, 2020

5 Pressing Global Issues AI is Solving

Analytics Vidhya

Overview Artificial Intelligence is a powerful tool capable of learning and executing various tasks Artificial Intelligence(AI) has the capacity to solve major global issues. The post 5 Pressing Global Issues AI is Solving appeared first on Analytics Vidhya.

How do you feel about data?


Data means many things to different people. How does data make you feel? Does it keep you up at night because it’s not solving problems but sparking more questions.


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Does Data Analytics Help With Selecting An IT Provider?

Smart Data Collective

Data analytics technology plays an important role in the modern consumer decision-making process. Even consumers looking for an IT provider might turn to data analytics technology. We previously talked about how big data can be used to benefit IT.

IT 72

What Are Business Reports And Why They Are Important: Examples & Templates


In your daily business, many different aspects and ‘activities’ are constantly changing – sales trends and volume, marketing performance metrics, warehouse operational shifts, or inventory management changes.

The 7 Ways to Source and Attract Diverse Technology Talent

Just talking about diversity and inclusion won’t move the needle. Diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts are at the forefront for organizations looking to recruit and retain top talent, but nowhere does this remain more of a challenge and opportunity than in the tech sector. In this guide, we provide seven strategies organizations can use to source and attract diverse tech talent.

Guide: Adapting to rapid change - Partnered content with Zendesk


These days, getting customer support right is more important than ever. Companies must go above and beyond to meet the needs of their customers, even as budgets tighten and workloads rise.

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4 Impressive GAN Libraries Every Data Scientist Should Know!

Analytics Vidhya

Overview GANs are generative models, they create what you feed them. We have listed down 4 prominent GAN Libraries Introduction Currently, GAN is. The post 4 Impressive GAN Libraries Every Data Scientist Should Know! appeared first on Analytics Vidhya.

Behler-Young connects Amazon Alexa and Phocas BI with great results


Can you have a conversation with your business intelligence solution while driving? Behler-Young sales people do.

The Business Analyst's Guide To Running Virtual Workshops

BA Learnings

The new normal of online working is bound to introduce new habits and learning opportunities for business analysts looking to navigate the tides of the post-pandemic workplace.

A Beginner’s Guide To Inventory Metrics And Best Practices


In our cutthroat digital economy, massive amounts of data are gathered, stored, analyzed, and optimized to deliver the best possible experience to customers and partners.

The Next-Generation Cloud Data Lake: An Open, No-Copy Data Architecture

A next-gen cloud data lake architecture has emerged that brings together the best attributes of the data warehouse and the data lake. This new open data architecture is built to maximize data access with minimal data movement and no data copies.

Report “Data Management for Advanced Analytics.” (TIBCO) 


With the diversity of advanced analytics tools on the market, how do you know which data management solution will work for your organization? Truth is, you just need to find the right one for your particular advanced analytics solution.

What are the steps Should be Included in a Data Cleansing Process?


Invalid, incomplete, duplicate, untargeted, unstandardized, and non-compliant data leads to inefficiencies and faltered revenues. Ensuring data quality and database integrity is similar to working out and eating healthy.

What is Better for Data Science Learning and Work: Julia or Python?

Analytics Vidhya

Introduction Python has been around since the 1990s, and now it’s one of the most popular programming languages in the world. The reason why. The post What is Better for Data Science Learning and Work: Julia or Python? appeared first on Analytics Vidhya. Beginner Julia Python julia python

What is an interactive dashboard?


An interactive dashboard allows you to drill down and filter information so data can be viewed from different perspectives or in more detail. With a condensed and clear presentation of the business figures, dashboards enable data-driven company decisions.

How to Foster Data Culture (with Data Intelligence Technology!)

Speaker: Aaron Kalb, Co-Founder and CDAO at Alation

Watch Aaron Kalb, co-founder and CDAO at Alation, dive into the role of technology in shaping culture and show how a modern data catalog is helping innovative enterprises create thriving data cultures. Register for the webinar today!

Palantir Shows Its Cards

Simply Statistics

File this under long-term followup, but just about four years ago I wrote about Palantir , the previously secretive but now soon to be public data science company, and how its valuation was a commentary on the value of data science more generally. Well, just recently Palantir filed to go public and therefore submitted a registration statement (S-1) describing its business. It’s a fascinating read, if you’re into that kind of stuff.

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10 Ways That Corporate Dashboards Can Make Your Enterprise Life Easier


The corporate world is fast-paced and ever-changing. Whatever your sector or niche, if you want to remain adaptable and get one step ahead of the competition, working with the right data-driven tools and utilizing a corporate dashboard is essential.

How to link CX to ROI: Your free eBook inside


Customer Experience (CX) Leaders across Asia-Pacific have been stretched to capacity through recent market turbulence and shifting business priorities.

ROI 195

The Application Services in Machine Learning


Machine learning has now has become a new technical era where the learning process is becoming much easier and quick at understanding.

Realizing the Benefits of Automated Machine Learning

How are organizations using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to derive business value? Renowned author and professor Tom Davenport explains the rise of automated machine learning, its benefits, and success stories from businesses that are already using it.

Analysing Streaming Tweets with Python and PostgreSQL

Analytics Vidhya

Introduction We are aware of the massive amounts of data being produced each day. This humungous data has lots of insights and hidden trends. The post Analysing Streaming Tweets with Python and PostgreSQL appeared first on Analytics Vidhya.

Data consolidation across Litex Industries enables strategic decision-making


Litex Industries Limited is an extensive electrical products wholesaler located in Texas, USA. After the recent merger and acquisition growth, there are now 11 companies in the corporate family.

What Is Data Governance? (And Why Your Organization Needs It)


Organizations with a solid understanding of data governance (DG) are better equipped to keep pace with the speed of modern business. In this post, the erwin Experts address: What Is Data Governance? Why Is Data Governance Important? What Is Good Data Governance?

Customer Retention Dashboard & Metrics Examples For Modern Companies


Companies, organizations, enterprises, large, or small businesses – no matter in which category you belong to, you need to pay close attention to your customers.

Leading Advertising and Analytics Company Outperforms With a Graph Database

Xandr, a division of AT&T, has built an identity graph that connects information on people, households, and more. The company is using this graph to provide advertisers an ability to deliver commercials more successfully than ever before. Learn more.

Data for Enterprise AI: at the very forefront of innovation


2020 may well go down as the year where what seems impossible today, did become possible tomorrow. It’s been a year filled with disruption and uncertainty. One day we were all going to the office, and the next we were working from home.

Insurance Data Analytics for Competitive Growth Standards


The insurance industry is data-driven. Data analytics plays a critical role in sales and distribution, fraud detection and prevention, and most importantly in underwriting, risk management, and claims processing.

Integrating Python in Power BI: Get the best of both worlds

Analytics Vidhya

Overview A demonstration of statistical analytics by Integrating Python within Power BI Share the findings using dashboards and reports Introduction Power BI is. The post Integrating Python in Power BI: Get the best of both worlds appeared first on Analytics Vidhya.

Chairman’s update - FY2020


Phocas continues to grow profitably, invest in the future and work closely with customers. Company Updates


What is Contextual Analytics? The Next Evolution of Embedded Analytics

Download this white paper to learn what contextual analytics is, how BI platforms like Yellowfin revolutionize the way users discover insights from their data with native contextual analytics, and how it adds value to your software solution by elevating the user experience.

5 Amazing Benefits Of Big Data For Business Owners In 2020

Smart Data Collective

The big data market is exploding. According to Markets and Markets, it will be worth $229 billion in the next five years. Despite the rapid evolution of big data, many small businesses are overlooking its benefits. You should not make this mistake.

Let’s Social Distance Together, Register Now for erwin Insights 2020


I’m thrilled to officially announce that registration is open for our first global conference as erwin, Inc. erwin Insights 2020 is a free, virtual, two-day event being held October 13-14. Social distancing doesn’t mean we should stop connecting.

Enabling Automated Issue Resolution through the use of conversational ML


Intro. The Cloudera Support Organization has always strived to not only provide solutions to our customers but to also deliver helpful knowledge. One of the primary sources of that knowledge comes from our Knowledge Articles.