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Developing analytic apps is a bold new direction for product teams. The Toolbox is where we talk development best practices, tips, tricks, and success stories to help you build the future of analytics and empower your users with the insights and actions they need.

Announcing the 2013 Customer Analytics & Measurement Survey

Srividya Sridharan

Last year, we published The State of Customer Analytics 2012 (subscription required) based on the results of our annual customer analytics adoption survey where we uncovered key trends of how customer analytics practitioners use and adopt various advanced analytics across the customer lifecycle and highlighted challenges and drivers associated with customer analytics.

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Random Forest vs Neural Networks for Predicting Customer Churn


2019 Dec Tutorials, Overviews Churn Customer Analytics Neural Networks Random ForestsLet us see how random forest competes with neural networks for solving a real world business problem.

Win, Serve And Retain Customers With 15 Customer Analytics Methods

Srividya Sridharan

Customer analytics takes center stage in the age of the customer for firms trying to understand and predict customer behavior. From descriptive to predictive methods, customer insights (CI) professionals can apply a wide array of analytics methods to behavioral customer data. customer insightsCI professionals have a lot to consider when deciding on the right portfolio of […].

How To Build Your Own Feedback Analysis Solution


Automating the analysis of customer feedback will sound like a great idea after reading a couple hundred reviews. Building an NLP solution to provide in-depth analysis of what your customers are thinking is a serious undertaking, and this guide helps you scope out the entire project.

Customer Segmentation for R Users


This article shows you how to separate your customers into distinct groups based on their purchase behavior. 2019 Sep Tutorials, Overviews Customer Analytics R Segmentation

Customer Segmentation Using K Means Clustering


Customer Segmentation can be a powerful means to identify unsatisfied customer needs. 2019 Nov Tutorials, Overviews Clustering Customer Analytics K-means Python SegmentationThis technique can be used by companies to outperform the competition by developing uniquely appealing products and services.

The Insights Beat: Save Your Data Strategy From A Nosedive

Forrester's Customer Insights

This month’s Insights Beat focuses on the latest research in our insights-driven playbook; showcases multiple data, analytics, and machine-learning vendor evaluations; and shines a light on B2B analytics techniques. (Jeremy Vale and Paolo Santamaria contributed to this post.)

“Customer Experience” Is Not the New “CRM”

Jenny Sussin

Customer experience (CX) is not the just CRM rebranded, and this is something which is often misunderstood in the marketplace. Some of that is likely due to providers renaming their CRM solutions to something CX-related, some of it is because both start with “C, Customer.”

Wallets are Opening for CX Technology

Jenny Sussin

That thing that has been a top 5 C-level priority for the past few years, “customer experience,” is getting a lot of tech investment. On that last note, in 2018 the five biggest monetary investments in CX improvement projects were: Customer analytics (no surprise there…).

Voice Of The Attendee: Data & Analytics Strategy, AI/ML, CX And Growth

Forrester's Customer Insights

Over 300 data and analytics leaders will gather to share, learn and get inspired! It’s T minus two weeks to Forrester’s 2nd Data Strategy & Insights Forum in Austin, TX. For those of you who have already registered and planning to attend, you answered one key question during the registration process: What is your top […].

Building Analytic Apps: Essential Reading for Developers in Quarantine


Tools of the Trade is your destination for data and analytics skill building: From dashboards and reports to embedding analytics and building custom analytic apps to SQL secrets and data deep-dives, whatever you need to know to be better at your job, you can find it here.

The Insights Beat: The Times They Are A-Changin’

Forrester's Customer Insights

advanced analytics age of the customer business intelligence customer analytics data governance data insights ambient data governance insights-driven city location intelligence

IT 47

The Insights Beat: Spring Has Sprung — Get Your Data And Analytics Tools In Order

Forrester's Customer Insights

Age of the Customer AI Insights customer insights data insights machine learning automated machine learning big data fabric customer analytics data architecture data commercialization data economy data virtualization

Meet the newest Data Superheros: The Sixth Annual Data Impact Awards Finalists Are…


From AI models that power retail customer decision engines to utility meter analysis that disables underperforming gas turbines, these finalists demonstrate how machine learning and analytics have become mission-critical to organizations around the world.

Use Text Analytics Technologies To Handle Mountains Of Unstructured Data

Forrester's Customer Insights

First, enterprise information architects should consider general purpose text analytics platforms. These are capable of handling most if not all text analytics use […]. Enterprises are sitting on mountains of unstructured data – 61% have more than 100 Tb and 12% have more than 5 Pb! Luckily there are mature technologies out there that can help.

Data Strategy & Insights 2019: Reimagine To Reinvent

Forrester's Customer Insights

advanced analytics analytics applications artificial intelligence (AI) customer analytics data insights data management data quality & data governance predictive analytics privacy web analytics promotedDiscover the themes and topics we'll be tackling at this year's Data Strategy & Insights Forum.

The Insights Beat: Quash The Groundhog Day Effect In Your Insights Journey

Forrester's Customer Insights

i] But it’s not always rosy for you as a data, analytics, and insights leader. It’s early February. Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring this year, and there is hope (and warmth) in the air.[i]

5 Keys to Finding Success With Adobe Target

Sirius Computer Solutions

The presenters showcased examples of amazing user experiences and unparalleled customer journeys. They flashed metrics on the screen touting massive gains in conversions and boasted about decreasing costs of customer acquisition. I want to tell you a tale that may sound familiar.

Doing a 180 on Customer 360 – The Preferred Path to Customer Insights


451 Research Analyst Sheryl Kingstone, and Cloudera’s Steve Totman recently discussed how a growing number of organizations are replacing legacy Customer 360 systems with Customer Insights Platforms ( watch the replay here ). Customer Intelligence Platform For Next-Gen Customer 360.

Everything you wanted to know about SAP Leonardo but were afraid to ask

Boris Evelson

advanced analytics agile analytics applications application development methodologies artificial intelligence (AI) big data blockchain branding business intelligence cognitive computing customer analytics predictive analytics text analytics Leonardo SAPLarge enterprise software vendors seem to be enamoured with using the names of historical figures or literary characters as brand names.

Azure Marketplace features Cloudera Customer 360 offering


Individually, these companies deliver great value to customers, so imagine the business outcomes and customer benefits made possible when two or more of these companies develop a joint offering. Delivering the most comprehensive view of customers—at the individual level.

ROI 59

What customer centric corporate culture really means and why it is so important


Driving profitable growth with deeper customer insights. Newly created mission statements changing to a customer centric culture from corporate leaders are critical and important first steps however, without more, employees will return to their current behaviors as soon as the messages are read and the town hall meetings have ended. Over time these behavior changes become the new norm and your customer centric culture slowly begins to evolve.

Take Customer Experience Back to the Future with Data


Delivering a positive and memorable customer experience is the cornerstone of nearly every organization. It also conveyed a commitment by the bank, showing that they valued the customer’s business and were invested in their future.

The cost of not embarking on a customer 360 strategy


Gartner’s recently released report “Master Data Management Forms the Basis of a Trusted 360-Degree View of the Customer,” shares the results of an executive survey highlighting several key points, including that customer initiatives, are among CEOs’ top five priorities in 2018. Often, organizations that are new to the big data journey, and evaluating the investment of embarking on a customer 360 strategy, are intrigued by the prospect but deterred by the unknown.

BI vendor landscape is going through significant changes – what can you do to protect your investments?

Forrester's Customer Insights

advanced analytics business intelligence customer analytics google Looker salesforce Tableau SoftwareThe Business Intelligence (BI) market is going through a round of significant consolidation. Earlier this month Sisense acquired Periscope Data, last week Google announced its intention to acquired Looker, and today Salesforce announced the intention to acquired Tableau Software.

The Customer Insights Research Team Is Hiring!

Srividya Sridharan

Gone are the days when we have to “sell” the idea of using customer and marketing data to drive better business decisions. The sheer scale and diversity of customer data will provide rich new sources of insight and allow firms to effectively engage with customers using enterprise marketing technologies. In fact, customer analytics solutions, one […]. customer analytics customer insights customer intelligence

Six Strategies for Advancing Customer Knowledge: Bringing Data Together


I often meet with our customers to help them understand how to connect modern technology to business success. The broad nature of customer insights across industries and use cases means that there is no one single journey applicable for all users.

Participate In Our TechRadar™ Research On Customer Analysis Methods

Srividya Sridharan

Customer insights professionals have many customer analytics methods (sub's reqd) to choose from today to perform behavioral customer analysis, and new techniques emerge as the complexity of customer data increases. Analysis of customer data involves the use of data-mining and statistical methods that span descriptive and predictive analytics. But how do you decide which customer analysis methods […].

Analytics Democratization Continues As KXEN Finds A New Home

Srividya Sridharan

SAP today announced plans to acquire KXEN, a provider of predictive analytics technology. This is an interesting development for both companies and highlights the focus on the democratization of predictive analytics, especially for marketers. The proposed deal puts the spotlight on two shifts in the analytics landscape: […]. customer analytics customer insights predictive analytics

Customer big data analytics: an overview


Is your business among those taking the most from customer analytics? Read our new business intelligence blog post to check

Customer Intelligence: Analytics That Brings Actionable Customer Insights


In this article, ScienceSoft answers the question “What is customer intelligence?” and explains what gains customer analytics tools offer to businesses

How Companies Are Using Big Data to Boost Sales


According to Forbes, the impact of big data has been about 48% on the new age customer analytics, 21% on operational analytics, 12% on compliance/fraud, 10% on new product/service innovation, 10% on enterprise data.

Sales 244

Should Marketeers ditch the concept of Millennials as everyone wants to be treated this way, right?


It is very easy to think this may be true as future generations of consumers, such as Gen Z, desire many of the same customer interactions and experiences from brands as millennials. As a brand, if young people comprise a large component of your target customer, then it is essential for you to understand similarities and differences of each so you can create the right message on the right medium for them. Drive profitable growth with deeper customer insights.

Over 1001 “Free” Things You Can Do with Your Data – Outcomes-as-a-Service

Kirk Borne

For illustration, here is an example of one category of use cases: predictive analytics on real-time (perhaps streaming) business data. Real-time personalized customer interactions. and analytics information (what insights do the patterns in the data encode?). Edge analytics.

Interview with: Sankar Narayanan, Chief Practice Officer at Fractal Analytics


Will you please describe your role at Fractal Analytics? Are you seeing currently any specific issues in the Insurance industry that should concern Chief Data & Analytics Officers? Therefore, understanding customers for cross and up-sell is paramount. Data Analytics Insight

Stronger SQL and More: Essential Skills for Data Teams in Quarantine


Tools of the Trade is your destination for data and analytics skill building: From dashboards and reports to embedding analytics and building custom analytic apps to SQL secrets and data deep-dives, whatever you need to know to be better at your job, you can find it here.

Reinventing the Casinos with Customer Behaviour Analysis


And that is what today’s blog is about – Customer Behaviour Analysis. One of the biggest challenges for casinos is to get people to revisit their casino over and over again – customer retention. And for to achieve that it’s important to know the customers – a task that can be easily resolved with the help of consumer behaviour analysis. Such modern casino analytics are highly evolved and intelligent.

Data-Driven Guide To Growing SaaS Business Traffic Through SEO

Smart Data Collective

Ahrefs is a leading SEO tool provider, which has used big data to deliver greater value to its customers. It makes your product stand out, surpassing its competitors, and thereby inviting new customers. Big data is redefining the world of marketing.

PODCAST: COVID19 | Redefining Digital Enterprises – Episode 9: The Impact of COVID-19 on Consumer Technology & Durables


While expounding that this crisis is an opportunity waiting to be leveraged, Suvodip talks about how AI and contextual analytics solutions can help the supply side with simulation-based demand and inventory planning methods to ride through the downturn.

Social Analytics are the LEAST of Analytics Leaders’ Problems

Jenny Sussin

This is my second year attending Gartner’s Data and Analytics Summit and I love it. I love it because the conversations I have with analytics leaders about social analytics shed brilliant light on why social analytics has been, and often continues to be, the responsibility of a separate social marketing team. For marketers, social analytics can be game changing. But analytics leaders have much different primary problems.

Mentoring to build workforce diversity


How Insight built a mentorship program for women data scientists with Clover Health The value of sponsorship programs Recruiting a diverse group of employees will only get you part of the way towards building a genuinely diverse, equitable, and inclusive team.

Is It Time to Jump-Start Your Data Offense?

Juice Analytics

Legendary analytics guru Thomas Davenport takes a more neutral stance in his Harvard Business Review article What’s your Data Strategy? First, if they are delivering a project with an analytical deliverable, why not make the deliverable a recurring data solution?