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Build Up Your Performance With KPI Scorecards – Examples & Templates


Tracking the success metrics based on your needs, and the time frame you select while comparing your values can be done with simple yet effective scorecards. What Is A KPI Scorecard? A KPI scorecard is a term used to describe a statistical record that measures progress or achievement towards a set performance indicator.

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Dashboard vs. Scorecard: Differences, Advantages, Templates


As important parts of business intelligence, scorecards and dashboards can both play an obvious role in promoting enterprise performance management. However, many users are confused with the difference between scorecard vs. dashboard. Definition of scorecard and dashboard. What is a scorecard? Main purpose.


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Scorecard vs Dashboard: How to Choose to Maximize Your Benefits?


As important parts of business intelligence, scorecard and dashboard can both play an obvious role in promoting enterprise development. However, limited by factors such as cost and corporate strategies, sometimes companies need to make a choice between scorecard vs dashboard. Definition of scorecard and dashboard. Free trial.

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Strategic Marketing Analytics: CMO Dashboards That Rock!

Occam's Razor

An extraordinary amount of time, effort, $$$ are spent on building dashboards/scorecards for CMOs… Yet, the end result, nearly always, is a useless data puke. Personal Bias: I prefer the word Scorecard over Dashboard. In my writing, in my keynotes, you’ll hear Scorecard. Application #1: Paid Media CMO Scorecard Module.

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Data Value Scorecard Report

This report examines the quantitative research of data leaders on data value and return on investment.

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When to Use Paginated Reports vs Interactive Power BI reports

Paul Turley

Ten years ago, we were using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) to create interactive, dashboard-like reports scorecard reports. The road that has brought us to the current state of reporting capabilities in the Microsoft data platform has been long and winding. It wasn’t … Continue reading →

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6 best practices for better vendor management

CIO Business Intelligence

Develop a robust vendor partnership evaluation framework Companies should develop a set of standard vendor performance scorecards that are updated quarterly and reviewed with the vendor to provide feedback, Allen says. However, these should not be confused with operational scorecards that track service performance on a more regular basis.”

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Crucial KPIs for Your Growing Company: 7 Principles & 35 Metrics Every SMB Needs

Plus tips for calculating revenue forecasts, evaluating your content marketing strategy, building an employee performance scorecard, and more! How to use interlocking KPIs to improve company alignment. 35 crucial metrics for SMBs.