Customer Journey Analytics & Real-Time Marketing: Lessons Learned from Those That Got it Right


Learn about the early adopters for both Customer Journey Analytics and Real-Time Marketing who overcame initial hurdles and realized superior business outcomes

Top Data Trends for 2018 – Part 2

Kirk Borne

Behavioral Analytics – Modeling our Hierarchy of Needs. Human behavioral science is older than all of our data and analytics capabilities. We now have data and analytics to build predictive (what will happen?) Since most – or maybe all – of our digital applications involve humans, then behavioral analytics should be and is becoming a central component of many application domains: marketing, cybersecurity, healthcare, and more. Graph Analytics – Taking Center Stage.


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How To Transform The Customer Journey With AI And Big Data

Smart Data Collective

The path that consumers travel on to make a purchase, is called the “customer journey.” A great customer journey will eliminate buyer’s remorse, improve your retention rates, and eliminate any errors and complaints. How Do AI and Big Data Help in the Customer Journey?

MicroStrategy World: Optimizing Healthcare with Mobile Analytics

Perficient Data & Analytics

Juliet Silver, Chief Strategist for Healthcare , presented on optimizing healthcare operations with mobile analytics. Engage: frictionless and compelling engagement across the journey. There exists opportunity to improve this with analytics. Analytics with predictive analysis can give you insight. Patient Engagement : consumer / patient analytics is a top focus in healthcare now. customer journey analytics. emotion detection and speech analytics.

Customer Experience and Emerging Technologies: My CXChat Summary on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and the Customer

Business Over Broadway

I conducted a customer experience best practices study and found that loyalty leading companies focus analytics efforts on customer understanding rather than internal metrics. Also, loyalty leaders infuse analytics into CX programs, including machine learning, data science and data integration. Learn the basics of analytics; take a course in data science; this type of knowledge will help you understand the value of data and how AI/Machine Learning works.