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Customer Journey Analytics & Real-Time Marketing: Lessons Learned from Those That Got it Right


Learn about the early adopters for both Customer Journey Analytics and Real-Time Marketing who overcame initial hurdles and realized superior business outcomes.

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Qualtrics seeks to broaden picture of employee engagement

CIO Business Intelligence

And it will use those profiles in a new tool it launched today: Employee Journey Analytics. Employee Journey Analytics, meanwhile, offers an overview of sentiment, either for the whole company or groups of employees, around various interactions — onboarding, IT support, returning from care leave.


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Joulica unifies real-time and historical customer experience analytics with Amazon QuickSight

AWS Big Data

We have also been able integrate Joulica real-time analytics into QuickSight dashboards—so within QuickSight, our users can use both standard QuickSight visualizations and Joulica widgets, as shown in the following example.

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How To Transform The Customer Journey With AI And Big Data

Smart Data Collective

What Are Some Big Data Tools That Can Help Improve the Customer Journey? Analytics is the answer here. Smart bots for common FAQs. Smart bots that can remember users and continue conversations with them in a natural manner. Big data has the power to transform the relationship between a customer and a company.

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Customer Experience and Emerging Technologies: My CXChat Summary on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and the Customer

Business Over Broadway

On a related note, this finding surprised me: Gartner’s hype cycle says that Customer Journey analytics won’t reach the “plateau of productivity” until over 10 years. I recently joined Indigo Slate to lead their research and analytics. The reason I joined the company is that they are developing a CX platform, Ruptive.

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5 Sources of Data for Customer Analytics and Their Benefits

Smart Data Collective

Market analysts project that companies around the world will spend over $47 billion on customer journey analytics by 2030. Customer Journey Analytics. It’s critical to have a bird’s-eye view of your customer’s journey if you want to provide a superior customer experience.

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DataHour: Traversing Journey of an Analytics Problem

Analytics Vidhya

Overview on Analytics Problem Analytics Vidhya has long been at the forefront of imparting data science knowledge to its community. With the intent to make learning data science more engaging to the community, we began with our new initiative- “DataHour”.

Analytics 365