Move to Online Dashboards – 6 Things to remember before you choose a tool!

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Introduction “PowerPoint will die in the next 5 years” – just something I heard from a senior way back in 2005. 15 years on, The post Move to Online Dashboards – 6 Things to remember before you choose a tool! appeared first on Analytics Vidhya. Beginner Data Visualization blogathon online dashboards

Flush with pandemic profit success, South Korean travel firm Yanolja eyes rapid expansion


Founded as an online booking agency in 2005, Yanolja only launched its cloud business in 2019. By Joyce Lee.

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I Am Done Using Visual Studio!

Paul Turley

Back in 2005, I used the Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) Visual Studio add-in for SSIS, SSRS and SSAS projects to develop BI solutions with multidimensional cubes. for BI data model development.

French court adviser favours Orange in $2.2 billion tax dispute


The litigation stems from the integration in 2005 of Orange's subsidiary Cogecom. By Mathieu Rosemain. PARIS (Reuters) - An adviser to France's top administrative court favoured telecoms firm Orange on Monday in a long-lasting $2.2

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How Big Data Is Transforming Environmental Sustainability


According to estimates from IBM, we have access to 300 times the amount of information that was available in 2005, only 14 years ago. Big data is the driving force behind the information revolution. With the rapid pace of innovation — accelerating with each passing year — this information will prove invaluable. Given the utility of big data, environmentalists have started to integrate these technologies to inform their initiatives.

Recognizing the “Big Data” Problem


The term “big data” was forged by technology expert, Roger Magoulas back in 2005 , to describe a variety of massive, complex data sets almost impossible to manage and process with traditional data.

Innovation and the Channel


In 2005, my partner and I started a VMware consultancy. Our business plan was simple: Gain a national reputation for virtualization expertise, and then sell to a big solution provider wanting to acquire a VMware practice

More datasets for teaching data science: The expanded dslabs package

Simply Statistics

Introduction. We have expanded the dslabs package , which we previously introduced as a package containing realistic, interesting and approachable datasets that can be used in introductory data science courses. This release adds 7 new datasets on climate change, astronomy, life expectancy, and breast cancer diagnosis.

Handling Multiple Action Filters in Tableau

Perficient Data & Analytics

The Final Dashboard with all three worksheets is shown below, Now, Set actions are added in Dashboard as follows, Same way Actions are added in other 2 sheets, Based on the product and year field, data are filtered in dashboard and is shown below, Product Type: cooking Gear is selected in Gross Profit Per Product worksheet, Year :2005 is selected in Planned Vs Actual Revenue worksheet, This way we can handle multiple action filters in Tableau Dashboard.

How Will The Cloud Impact Data Warehousing Technologies?

Smart Data Collective

Thus, in 2005, the concept of big data was described by Gartner as the 3Vs of data; volume, velocity and variety.

The 1 Question Leaders Should Ask Before Returning to the Office

Sirius Computer Solutions

We don’t question how we can ensure our staff is working or how our teams communicate because management and technology today are not the same as they were from 1980 to 2005. Are we moving back to the office? Nearly every executive has received this question in the last year.

How Big Data has Redefined the Legal Industry

Smart Data Collective

The expression “big data” itself was coined in 2005, by technology expert, Roger Magoulas, to describe the variety of massive, complex data sets that could not be managed and processed with traditional data management tools.

Explore the Worlds of Startups and Science with AI Experience Worldwide Speakers Alexis Ohanian and Bill Nye


Alexis co-founded Reddit out of college, which was funded by Y Combinator in 2005 and sold to Conde Nast in 2006. AI Experience Worldwide , our free virtual conference, is just a few weeks away.

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To find all players [link] born within a certain month and year, for example all players born in December of 1985, choose the month Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping and year with the drop down boxes and then choose the ‘Month and Year Search’ option.

Dynamic KPI Threshold in Tabular or Power Pivot

Ms SQL Girl

1 Jan 2005. 31 Dec 2005. Target value is $3,200,000 for the 1 Jan 2005 and 31 Dec 2005. I recently had an assignment to build a prototype for one of my clients, which involved in setting up KPIs. I then had a talk with a couple of people in my network to discuss how one could setup dynamic KPI thresholds. Narius Patel came up with a great idea of representing KPI status with image and using separate table to store the threshold values. Thanks Narius!)

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What Are the Most Important Steps to Protect Your Organization’s Data?

Smart Data Collective

Based on figures from Statista , the volume of data breaches increased from 2005 to 2008, then dropped in 2009 and rose again in 2010 until it dropped again in 2011. In the modern world of business, data is one of the most important resources for any organization trying to thrive.

Enterprise Performance Management: How It’s Evolved


From our perspective, the technology needed to advance this field further caught up with existing ideas around 2005 when technology-enabled benefits prompted companies to move away from paper-based practices, ditch old DOS-based systems and embrace newer and more efficient technology.

Building a Named Entity Recognition model using a BiLSTM-CRF network

Domino Data Lab

In this blog post we present the Named Entity Recognition problem and show how a BiLSTM-CRF model can be fitted using a freely available annotated corpus and Keras. The model achieves relatively high accuracy and all data and code is freely available in the article. What is Named Entity Recognition?

Three reasons the next downturn will be different.

Mark Raskino

Trade tariffs and more nationalistic political polices all over the globe are pushing in the opposite direction to the globalisation that caused Thomas Friedman to gush “The World is Flat” in his bestselling book of 2005. “The signals are everywhere” a corporate financial specialist said to me recently. Many people are concerned that a global economic downturn is on its way, or perhaps already in its early stages.

Streaming Market Data with Flink SQL Part II: Intraday Value-at-Risk


1] Dionne, Georges and Duchesne, Pierre and Pacurar, Maria, Intraday Value at Risk (Ivar) Using Tick-by-Tick Data with Application to the Toronto Stock Exchange (December 13, 2005).

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Dynamic KPI Threshold in Tabular or Power Pivot

Ms SQL Girl

1 Jan 2005. 31 Dec 2005. Target value is $3,200,000 for the 1 Jan 2005 and 31 Dec 2005. I recently had an assignment to build a prototype for one of my clients, which involved in setting up KPIs. I then had a talk with a couple of people in my network to discuss how one could setup dynamic KPI thresholds. Narius Patel came up with a great idea of representing KPI status with image and using separate table to store the threshold values. Thanks Narius!)

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Analyzing Data from Multiple Sources: The Key to More Powerful Insights


When Measuremen CEO Vincent le Noble began the company in 2005, he wanted to help his clients make the best use of their workspaces. Simple datasets just won’t cut it anymore. To get truly powerful insights, you need to pull in data from multiple sources.

7 Data-Driven Hacks to Create a Spectacular Video Marketing Campaign For 2021

Smart Data Collective

YouTube was launched in 2005, when big data was just a blip on the horizon. Big data is changing the future of video marketing forever. However, data analytics and AI have made video technology more versatile than ever.

Experimenting to Win with Data


Since 2005, Measuremen has helped its clients study and optimize facilities use. When deploying analytics for your company or your customers, you can feel stuck between the twin poles of “What data is available?” and “What do we want it for?”

Data and System Considerations for AI Projects in FP&A  


For the Jedox AI project at ServiceMaster, this data expert is Kevin Kennedy, who has served as business systems manager at its division Terminix since 2005. An Interview with Kevin Kennedy, Business Systems Manager at Terminix, a ServiceMaster Brand. Pulling together large sets of good data is the essential first step in any AI project. What is just as important, however, is having someone who truly understands the data itself from a technical and business perspective.

Customer Success: Earning Trust Through Partnership


We wouldn’t still be in operation 15 years after our founding in a smoky startup office in 2005 without our relentless commitment to delivering the best for our clients and building on our past successes. Customer obsession is part of who we are.

Insight launches Security Fellows Program


Data breaches have been on the rise since 2005, exposing sensitive information from billions of users. A tuition-free, 7-week professional fellowship designed to be your bridge to a thriving career in security Insight is launching the Insight Security Fellows Program , a professional training fellowship to help systems engineers, software engineers, and data analysts transition into full-time careers as security engineers, data privacy engineers, and advanced security analysts.

Bridging the Gap Between Analytics Expectations and Reality


Guy concludes: “Consider how, at the start of the dot-com era, if a company hadn’t got a domain and a website, they would have been out of business by 2005. Newly published research shows that companies aren’t getting the most out of their analytics.

Surprising Big Data Advances Unveil Opportunities With Remote Work

Smart Data Collective

He pointed out that the remote workforce increased by 115% between 2005 and 2015. Big data is changing the way that we live and work. There are a number of ways that big data technology has made the workforce more efficient and fragmented. A growing number of people are turning to remote work to make a living, which is making it easier for companies to reach a larger workplace around the globe. Big Data Creates Surprising Opportunities in the Remote Workforce.

New Thinking, Old Thinking and a Fairytale

Peter James Thomas

Computerworld – Gartner: Customer-service outsourcing often fails , Scarlet Pruitt, March 2005. Source: Google Trends. Of course it can be argued that you can use statistics (and Google Trends in particular) to prove anything [1] , but I found the above figures striking. The above chart compares monthly searches for Business Process Reengineering (including its arguable rebranding as Business Transformation ) and monthly searches for Data Science between 2004 and 2019.

Eurovision Data: Should Scandinavia Trust the Swedes?


To celebrate 50 years of Eurovision in 2005, European televoters cast their ballots for the best Eurovision song of all time —and Waterloo took the prize. My grandfather was a man of few words. But on one particular issue, he had something to say and he expected you to listen. Never trust a Swede.”. Now, I know for a fact that Grandpa Tore didn’t care about international song competitions. He served in the Norwegian armed resistance and immigrated from Norway to America after WWII.

How Product Teams are Creating the Workplace of the Future


The number of people who work from home has already increased by 170% since 2005. In The Future of Work , we explore how companies are transforming to stay competitive as global collaboration becomes vital.

Car Rental Companies Riding the Car- and Ride-Sharing Wave

Perficient Data & Analytics

Enterprise Holdings began offering hourly rentals under the Enterprise Rent-A-Car brand in 2005 (Uber was founded in 2009), and after growing through several acquisitions, it rebranded under the name Enterprise CarShare. A white-hot topic in the car rental industry is mobility. It’s no secret that more people are relying on ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft, as well as car-sharing services from companies like Zipcar.

Fitting Bayesian structural time series with the bsts R package

The Unofficial Google Data Science Blog

Somewhat more complex methods exist for logistic regression (Frühwirth-Schnatter and Frühwirth 2005, Holmes and Held 2006, Gramacy and Polson 2012) and Poisson regression (Frühwirth-Schnatter et al 2008). 2005). by STEVEN L. SCOTT Time series data are everywhere, but time series modeling is a fairly specialized area within statistics and data science.

Digital Marketing And Analytics: Two Ladders For Magnificent Success

Occam's Razor

Or Ford (it is amazing that in 2013, for such an expensive product, it looks so… 2005). The most common mistakes digital practitioners and leaders make is to either do things in the wrong order, or to try and do too much at one time. Progress in digital marketing and analytics in either scenario becomes painful (the organization / systems / thinking is simply not in the optimal position).

Data Science, Past & Future

Domino Data Lab

In 2005, a colleague had moved to Seattle, and he was on a new project, and he kept calling me with these really weird questions about a new kind of service. Paco Nathan presented, “Data Science, Past & Future” , at Rev. This blog post provides a concise session summary, a video, and a written transcript. Session Summary.

How Data Analytics Is Revolutionizing The Future Of eCommerce In 2020

Smart Data Collective

Otherwise, you might as well have a circa 2005 static website. Data analytics is revolutionizing the future of ecommerce. A growing number of ecommerce platforms have expressed the benefits of data analytics technology and incorporated them into their solutions.

B2B 70

Using random effects models in prediction problems

The Unofficial Google Data Science Blog

ICML, (2005). [3] 2005): 301-320. [9] by NICHOLAS A. JOHNSON, ALAN ZHAO, KAI YANG, SHENG WU, FRANK O. KUEHNEL, and ALI NASIRI AMINI In this post, we give a brief introduction to random effects models, and discuss some of their uses. Through simulation we illustrate issues with model fitting techniques that depend on matrix factorization. Far from hypothetical, we have encountered these issues in our experiences with "big data" prediction problems.

What the WAF? Beyond the Capital One Breach

Sirius Computer Solutions

This data loss affected 106 million people in North America and included data submitted on credit card applications from 2005 to early 2019. Capital One made world news waves on July 19, 2019, when it was reported they had suffered a security breach that resulted in the loss of 30GB of data.

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11 Digital Marketing “Crimes Against Humanity”

Occam's Razor

" I'd postulated this rule in 2005, it is even more true in 2011. Every presentation I do is customized for the audience in the room. That means I get to spend loads and loads of time across many industry verticals, see many many campaigns, translate many many foreign websites (thanks Google Chrome for auto-translate!) and meet many many many executives and hear about their digital marketing strategies, challenges and outcomes.

Best Web Analytics 2.0 Tools: Quantitative, Qualitative, Life Saving!

Occam's Razor

First presented at an eMetrics summit in 2005 the 10/90 rule was borne out of my observations of why most companies fail miserably at web analytics. What is the first thing you want when you think about web analytics? Tools! Of course tools. What to do, where to start, what's cool. I was reflecting on that recently and thought it was incredible that in all my years of writing this blog I have never written a blog post, not one single one (!!),

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In this 2005 video capture, Trump prepares for an appearance on the TV show Days of Our Lives with actress Arianne Zucker and Access Hollywood host Billy Bush.

Stuff Harvard People Like

Edwin Chen

Freakonomics (2005 Book) 0.307. What types of students go to which schools? There are, of course, the classic stereotypes: MIT has the hacker engineers. Stanford has the laid-back, social folks. Harvard has the prestigious leaders of the world. Berkeley has the activist hippies. Caltech has the hardcore science nerds. But how well do these perceptions match reality? What are students at Stanford, Harvard, MIT, Caltech, and Berkeley really interested in?