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The Role of Blockchain in the Launch and Growth of Cryptocurrency

Smart Data Collective

In 2009, cryptocurrency was an idea that seemed impossible. Will Everyone Admit That Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Started in 2009? People who believe that cryptocurrency started in 2009 often appeal to Satoshi Nakamoto’s writing, where he outlined the function and benefits of blockchains. That would be Ripple.

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Digital Transformation lessons for CIOs from legacy companies

CIO Business Intelligence

To expect growth in the absence of IT becomes a part of the leadership’s belief system,” says Jagdish Belwal, who served as the CIO of Tata Motors from 2009 until 2017. . “A Top management, therefore, has often assumed that what brought success in the past would continue to deliver in the future. “To


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4 Considerations When Building Your Government Data Strategy


I don’t call it a “trudge” because the cloud is an unwanted destination, but rather because it’s an arduous journey (remember “Cloud First”…from 2009…yes 2009!). They also serve to sharpen our tools and help offer steady, knowledgeable guidance as agencies continue to trudge toward the cloud.

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It’s True: Educate a Woman, Educate a Nation


Report we took a deep-dive into data from The World Bank and found that countries with a higher rate of female participation in the workforce before the world economic crisis of 2008-2009 were more immune to it and bounced back to grow rapidly after the economic crisis. Making Women and Girls a Priority.

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A New Business Model for a Midsize Business: Fresh Air As A Service

Timo Elliott

The family business, with only a handful of employees, was founded in 2009 as a specialist wholesaler of residential ventilation. ActoVent in Germany is a great example of this trend, and has explained the technical and business opportunities in their entry to the SAP Innovation Awards 2023.

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Threads Dev Interview 14:

Data Science 101

It was back in 2009 so I’m sure a lot changed since then but it was really important to understand how to do matrices and vectors operations with OpenGL. I went to college (you gotta have that paper ) and started in the industry with my first job out of college In a video game company as a developer. Is that true?

Software 111
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What Are the Most Important Steps to Protect Your Organization’s Data?

Smart Data Collective

Based on figures from Statista , the volume of data breaches increased from 2005 to 2008, then dropped in 2009 and rose again in 2010 until it dropped again in 2011. In 2009 for example, data breaches dropped to 498 million (from 656 million in 2008) but the number of records exposed increased sharply to 222.5 million (from 35.7

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