Beginner's Guide To Web Data Analysis: Ten Steps To Love & Success

Occam's Razor

The goal of my recent post on the Yahoo! Web Analytics blog was to pull us up 10,000 feet to do something we do less than 1% of the time in the web analytics world – look at the bigger business picture. It was called: Secret To Winning With Web Analytics? Starting Right! While that was a very strategic post, it got me thinking at a tactical level. What if I was given the login and password to someone's web analytics data and asked to "find something interesting?"

Best Web Analytics 2.0 Tools: Quantitative, Qualitative, Life Saving!

Occam's Razor

What is the first thing you want when you think about web analytics? Tools! Of course tools. What to do, where to start, what's cool. I was reflecting on that recently and thought it was incredible that in all my years of writing this blog I have never written a blog post, not one single one (!!), recommending tools for the complete web analytics 2.0 spectrum. Well that ends today.


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Web Analytics 101: Definitions: Goals, Metrics, KPIs, Dimensions, Targets

Occam's Razor

Through this consultative process we'll create a 2010 AOV target of $95. It is surprising how often these "simple" things come up. "What "What is the difference between a metric and a key performance indicator (KPI)?" " "What is a dimension in analytics?" " "What is segmentation?" " "Are goals metrics?" " And many more.

3 Awesome, Downloadable, Custom Web Analytics Reports

Occam's Razor

In a world where we are overwhelmed with data and metrics and key performance indicators and reports and dashboards and. sometimes all it takes to make some sense of all this "mess" is someone stepping up to share a tiny slice of wisdom from their experience. That's my plan for this blog post. To share with you three custom reports that I find to be super valuable when I am doing web data analysis.

Excellent Analytics Tip #17: Calculate Customer Lifetime Value

Occam's Razor

Some Marketers / Analysts use Click-thru Rate (CTR) to measure success of their acquisition campaigns. Nothing much to write home about, but certainly better than executing faith based initiatives. A smaller percent of those Marketers / Web Analysts will move beyond clicks and measure Visits / Visitors and Bounce Rates to measure success. Lovely, warm hugs and smiles for them. A fraction of those Marketers / Directors will calculate Conversion Rates for those marketing campaigns.

3 Advanced Web Analytics Visitor Segments: Non-Flirts, Social, Long Tail

Occam's Razor

The last blog post shared custom analytics reports that you can use to find amazing insights faster, enabling you to create a focused, truly data driven organization. In this blog post I want to continue the let's help make your day-to-day life better path. I'll share three advanced segments that I personally find to be of value in the process of moving from data to actionable insights.

Excellent Analytics Tip #18: Make Love To Your Direct Traffic

Occam's Razor

Make love? Direct Traffic? Really? I am not kidding. Direct traffic contains visitors that proactively seek you out, everyone else you have to "beg" to show up on your site! Yet this question seems to bedevil a lot of people: What the heck is Direct Traffic? As if that was not sad enough, even people who do know what the definition of Direct traffic is rarely focus on it or work hard to tease out the opportunity that exists in Direct traffic.

Qualitative Web Analytics: Heuristic Evaluations Rock!

Occam's Razor

Every believer in Web Analytics 2.0 knows that awesomeness comes not from answering just the "What" question but from also answering the "Why" question. What comes from Google Analytics, Adobe Site Catalyst, WebTrends, CoreInsight / NetMetrics and more. Why comes from lab usability studies , website surveys , "follow me home" exercises, experimentation & testing , and other such delightful endeavors.

The Definitive Guide To (8) Competitive Intelligence Data Sources!

Occam's Razor

In May 2010 (!). Competitive intelligence, the "what else", is one of the core tenets of Web Analytics 2.0. The reason is simple: The ecosystem within which you function on the web contains mind blowing data you can use to become better. Your traffic grew by 6% last year, what was your competitor's growth rate? Feel better? : ) When should you start doing paid search advertising for tours to Italy for 2011?

Rebel! Refuse Report Requests. Only Answer Business Questions, FTW.

Occam's Razor

Try this. Ask a famous blogger, a published author, a random twitterer or your mom how to succeed in web analytics, or how not to be a Reporting Squirrel. The answer will invariably be: Before you provide the data, ask the requestor what is the business question they are trying to answer. Then fulfill that need. It is a good answer. Most of the time they, Marketers /bosses /HiPPO's, ask and we puke data out. The result is also almost always the same.

10 Fundamental Web Analytics Truths: Embrace 'Em & Win Big

Occam's Razor

As of 2010 I still have a lot more years that I spend in the traditional data warehousing / business intelligence world than in web analytics. There are more mistruths and F U D about Web analytics out there than I think is reasonable. Part of it fueled by Vendors. What a competitive bunch! Part of it fueled by some Consultants. I suppose the rational is: self preservation before all else.

Kill Useless Web Metrics: Apply The "Three Layers Of So What" Test

Occam's Razor

Data, data everywhere yet nary an insight in sight. Is that your web analytics existence? Don't feel too bad, you share that plight with most citizens of the Web Analytics universe. The problem? The absolutely astonishing ease with which you can get access to data! Not to mention the near limitless potential of that data to be added, subtracted, multiplied, and divided to satiate every weird need in the world. You see just because you can do something does not mean you should do it.

Analyze This: 5 Rules For Awesome Impromptu Web Analysis

Occam's Razor

The hardest kind of "analysis" to provide is in response to open ended questions. That is why I love asking open ended questions! They expose a person's critical thinking ability (something I highly recommend you test when you hire web analysts: Interviewing Tip: Stress Test Critical Thinking. Please ). They also help you understand if someone really grasps key concepts.

Win With Web Metrics: Ensure A Clear Line Of Sight To Net Income!

Occam's Razor

We have more web metrics and data than there are stars in the universe (slight exaggeration!). Yet we stink at informing decisions. Our reports are ignored. Sites & online marketing continue to suck. A large part of the reason is that a large part of our job seems to consist of glorified data puking, hoping someone will be impressed. After all there is so much data in those reports!!

End of Dumb Tables in Web Analytics Tools! Hello: Weighted Sort

Occam's Razor

Arthur C. Clarke said: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." " That quote comes to mind when I think of a new feature in Google Analytics that carries the unassuming name of Weighted Sort. It is an advanced implementation of technology (mathematical algorithms in this case) and when used it very much feels like magic!

Identify The Known Unknowns: Leverage Analytics Custom Alerts

Occam's Razor

Most of the time spent by Marketers & Analysts tends to be spend looking for "known knowns" Things we know and expect to see in the data, we look to see if they are there. " " Oh look Google is still our Number 1 referrer and we are selling lots of product x as we always do. Yea! " " Some of our time is spent reacting to the "known unknowns" Looking for things we know might be happening but don't know when they happen. "

5 + 4 Actionable Tips To Kick Web Data Analysis Up A Notch, Or Two

Occam's Razor

Will take you off on a completely different line of inquiry, all from adding June 2009 to look at June 2010. If June is the last month of your quarter and you have a cyclical business then maybe you want to compare Apr, May, June 2010 and have the first column be March 2010 because you want to see how the last month of this quarter did vs last month of the last quarter (because Apr and May don't really show if the trend ended as high or low as it should have ended).

Viral, Social, Sentiment, Mobile: 4 Delightful Web Analytics Solutions

Occam's Razor

Stale. One thing that I never want to be. We all have a tendency to learn up to a point, we get comfortable and keep chugging along rarely investing in our ongoing education. I call it the slow but sure path to irrelevancy. Let me share my prescription for avoiding irrelevancy: Try new things. Simple right? At any given time I have six or seven interesting tools running on this website. That's not including others I actively seek out around the web.

Five Sweet Web Analytics Resolutions To Kick It Up A Notch

Occam's Razor

Before all the excitement of the new year wears out, here are five simple things I would love for you to try so that your company will have a glorious truly data driven 2010! #1: In 2010 Consider trying just two tools listed above that you have not used so far. The new year is such a wonderful time. Wonderful smells in the air. The world is full of hope. Unachievable things seem achievable and are being polished into shiny resolutions. World peace seems within grasp.

Analysis Ninjas: Leverage Custom Reports For Better Insights!

Occam's Razor

Here is a key difference between Reporting Squirrels and Analysis Ninjas: The latter almost exclusively leverage custom reports (powered by advanced segmentation) and the former flirt with one standard report and then another and then other and in the best case scenario pull only half of their hair out. There is nothing particularly wrong with the standard 19,000 reports in your web analytics tool. But they do represent the Vendor's best guess about what you should look at.

Online Marketing Still A Faith Based Initiative. Why? What's The Fix?

Occam's Razor

The world of the intertubes should be a lot more data driven and awe-sexy than it really is. Yet for all our collective efforts at writing and tweeting and kvetching online marketing is still based mostly on faith. Not data. Surprising at so many levels right? Last week I had the privilege of being invited to deliver the keynote at the annual CMA President's Dinner.

Win Big With Web Analytics: Eliminate Data & Eschew Fake Proxies

Occam's Razor

The hardest nut to crack in any type of analytics is getting our decision makers (bosses, leaders, marketers) to take action based on data. The hard nut is not that we all are doing basic reporting about Visits and Bounces. Ok doing just that is lame. But still that's not all of it.

Dear Avinash: Search / SEO Metrics & Analytics Questions + Answers

Occam's Razor

"When should I have started SEO and PPC campaigns for Italy Tours 2010?" How do you measure success of a online webinar? I recently did a webinar for the Search Engine Strategies conference (I am doing the opening conference keynote at SES London and SES New York ) and my Market Motive co-faculty member Greg Jarboe sent me this KPI via email: "Your webcast was a big success. Your KPI questions per attendee was off the chart!"

Health Home Program and Data: New Challenges for Care Plans

Perficient Data & Analytics

The Affordable Care Act of 2010, Section 2703, introduced Health Home Program (HHP) for Medicaid recipients with chronic conditions. Data & Analytics Healthcare Affordable Care Act of 2010 Center for Medicare Services Health Home Program healthcare healthcare challenges healthcare data healthcare plans Managed Care PlansThese conditions include, but are not limited to, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, serious mental illness and substance use disorder.

Broadcast Media is Finally Embracing AI


Netflix’s recommendation engine may have made waves when the company’s streaming platform launched in 2010. But in the years that followed, the broadcast industry was surprisingly slow to adopt other AI or machine learning (ML) technologies. AI & Machine Learning

South Korean game developer Krafton IPO to raise $3.75 billion


Despite the target cut, it is the second-largest South Korean IPO ever, after Samsung Life Insurance's 2010 float worth 4.9 By Joyce Lee and Jihoon Lee.

7 Resources to Becoming a Data Engineer


An estimated 8,650% growth of the volume of Data to 175 zetabytes from 2010 to 2025 has created an enormous need for Data Engineers to build an organization's big data platform to be fast, efficient and scalable.

Reflecting on the Past Decade in Analytics

Jen Underwood

by Jen Underwood. What was hot and what was not? From what I can remember, in-memory analytics, mobile BI, OLAP cubes and easier to use drag-and-drop analytics tools got all the buzz. Read More.


Panasonic sells Tesla stake for $3.6 billion, may use cash for strategic investments


each in 2010 for about $30 million. By Sam Nussey and Shinji Kitamura. TOKYO (Reuters) -Panasonic Corp sold its stake in electric car maker Tesla Inc for about 400 billion yen ($3.61 billion) in the year ended March, a spokesperson for the Japanese company said on Friday.

Sales 144

Fintech Wise to pioneer direct listing in boost to London


The London-based payments app founded in 2010 by two Estonian entrepreneurs, said it is opting to list without raising any funds, in a boost to the British government's aspirations to attract more technology firms. By Pamela Barbaglia, Abhinav Ramnarayan and Anna Irrera.

Game maker Krafton targets up to $5 billion in S.Korea's biggest IPO


trillion won IPO in 2010. By Joyce Lee. SEOUL (Reuters) -Krafton Inc, the South Korean company behind blockbuster video game "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds", said on Wednesday its IPO would raise up to 5.6

Generation A is about to change the world

IBM Big Data Hub

They were born after 2010 into a world where technology is ubiquitous.We A new generation is among us. are witnessing the birth of a new intelligent species.While all under 10 years old, Siri, Watson and Alexa have already made an impact on the world and we can imagine the potential they all have

Tesla veteran and trucking chief leaves company


Guillen, who has been with the company for over a decade since starting as a Model S program director in 2010, oversaw Tesla's entire vehicles business before being named president of the Tesla Heavy Trucking unit in March.

KKR-backed KnowBe4 valued at over $3.5 billion in strong Nasdaq debut


Founded in 2010 by Stu Sjouwerman, KnowBe4 allows clients to. By Niket Nishant.

Payments giant Stripe expands to Middle East with Dubai office


Founded in 2010 by Irish brothers Patrick and John Collison, Stripe is used by more than 50 companies, each processing over $1 billion annually to receive payments and bill customers.

E-commerce firm Wish sees shares fall 5% in market debut


ContextLogic was founded in 2010 by Chief Executive Peter Szulczewski, formerly of Google, and Yahoo veteran Danny Zhang. (Reuters) -Shopping app Wish's parent company ContextLogic Inc saw its share price fall more than 5% in its trading debut on Wednesday, after raising $1.1

Stripe's value hits $95 billion after payment giant's latest fundraising


Founded in 2010 by Patrick and John Collison when the Irish brothers were barely out of their teens, Stripe is used by more than 50 companies each processing over $1 billion annually to receive payments and bill customers. By Padraic Halpin.

GM shares jump on plans for electric delivery vehicle business


DETROIT (Reuters) - General Motors Co shares jumped on Tuesday to their highest level since the company's post-bankruptcy IPO in 2010, as the automaker announced its entry into the growing electric delivery vehicle business. By Ben Klayman and Paul Lienert.

Leading in a pandemic: Tips from Sprout Social's founder


NEW YORK (Reuters) - Like many other CEOs, Justyn Howard, who founded Sprout Social Inc in 2010, has faced a plethora of new challenges in the past year. By Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan.

Elon Musk's net worth tops $100 billion: Forbes


Tesla shares, which went public at $17 a piece in 2010, rose as much as 3.5%

Driving Businesses with Sales Agility in a VUCA world


The term VUCA, first coined by the US Army College and brought to business settings by Grint (2010), describes the complex and fast-paced, constantly changing nature of today’s world.

Sales 156

Your World in 2030: Is This Decade Set To Be Your Best Yet?

Bruno Aziza

Remember January 2010? You didn’t have an iPad. You couldn’t ‘call an Uber.’ And you probably relied on a paper map. A lot has changed in the last 10 years, technologically speaking. Moore’s Law hasn’t disappointed: it may even have delivered more than we ever thought was possible

Google's DeepMind: All That We Need to Know


Here are important things you need to know about Google’s DeepMind:Google DeepMind’s historyDeepMind Technologies was established in 2010 in London, but 4 years after that, Google acquired this company.