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Showcasing the Searchable Graph of Enriched Debunks, DBKF, at the EBU’s Data Technology Seminar


On site at the EBU’s Data Technology Seminar In today’s digital age, access to information is considered a basic human right, and the ease of finding information has never been greater. The post Showcasing the Searchable Graph of Enriched Debunks, DBKF, at the EBU’s Data Technology Seminar appeared first on Ontotext.

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The Art of Data Buck-Passing 101: Mastering the Blame Game in Data and Analytic Teams


This advanced seminar encourages the reckless push of untested code into Production with the safety net of a well-crafted blame strategy. Or ten ways to say, ‘It’s a Data Governance type problem.’ ’ Just Put it into Production, and I Can Blame Someone Else. Ah, the crowning jewel of our curriculum.

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Complete Guide of Quantum Computing Resources

Data Science 101

Quantum Computing Books Quantum Computing Progress and Prospects – free to read online Introduction to Classical and Quantum Computing – free PDF download Quantum Computing Courses Quantum Computing Foundations – from Microsoft Learn, focuses on Azure Quantum and Q# IBM Quantum Learning Quantum 101 Quantum Computation at CalTech – (..)

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Teaching Big Data Analytics During Lockdown

Smart Data Collective

Those teaching others about big data analytics, whether in schools or seminars, have been forced to rethink how they manage lessons. But so long as the institutions they work for continue to offer these courses and seminars, teachers have a responsibility to carry on with their lessons. Think about the future.

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BARC and MapR Join Information Builders Management Seminar Series Making Real Money With Big Data and Smart Analytics

Information Builders

Information Builders, a leader in business intelligence (BI) and analytics, information integrity, and integration solutions will be joined by leading analyst firm BARC and big data technology innovator MapR in a management seminar series, Making Real Money with Big Data and Smart Analytics, designed to provide insight into how enterprises can leverage (..)

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What’s hard about AI? Operations!

Timo Elliott

web seminar “ Beyond the Hype: Enterprise Impact of ChatGPT and Generative AI “ “As an AI expert myself, I didn’t have enough appreciation for my colleagues that are downstream, doing all the hard work and getting the AI systems to be operational.

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Storytelling for CIOs: From niche to bestseller

CIO Business Intelligence

IT leaders and CIOs have also long recognized the power of storytelling, but only recently has the phenomenon become formalized with many saying they’ve attended workshops or seminars on the topic with the express intention of improving their sense of narrative and power to communicate and persuade.