Three Key Takeaways from CDAO Europe 2019


‘Ethics’, ‘strategy’ and ‘collaboration’ were the words on everyone’s lips when 115 data and analytics leaders descended on Berlin for CDAO Europe 2019 last week. Data Strategy Data Ethics Data Architecture

MySQL vs PostgreSQL: 2019 Showdown


This article explains the differences between the systems, reviews the recent trends, and attempts to answer the question of which database management system takes the lead in 2019. PostgreSQL and MySQL are types of database management systems (DBMS). Hint: it might not be an either-or answer. Primary Database Model - RDBMS vs ORDBMS. Databases store data in an organized manner that enables easy access and management.


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Data Management on Display at Informatica World 2019

David Menninger's Analyst Perspectives

This year, I attended Informatica World 2019, Informatica's annual user conference. The main focus this year was on the cloud with a heavy does of AI. Under that focus, Informatica's conference emphasized capabilities across six areas (all strong areas for Informatica): data integration, data management, data quality & governance, Master Data Management (MDM), data cataloging, and data security.

TensorFlow World 2019 opening keynote

O'Reilly on Data

This is a keynote from TensorFlow World in Santa Clara, California 2019. AI & ML TensorFlow World 2019See more keynotes from this event.


How does your demand forecasting compare to your peers?

Demand forecasts are becoming increasingly more difficult to predict and less accurate. How are supply chain professionals dealing with this? What kind of technology are they using to deal with this shift? How is their approach to forecasting evolving? Take this assessment to find out how your demand forecasting process stacks up against others. It’s also a handy resource to identify improvement areas for your team. It only takes a few minutes and you get instant feedback.

A Hitchiker's Guide to CDAO Africa 2019


255 delegates from local and global leading organizations attended the CDAO Africa 2019 event, which delivered as promised. The attendees could be categorized into three main types of people that attended the event. DataCon Africa Insights


Data Ownership Challenges and Controversies: 2019


Technology has rapidly advanced in the past decade, an impossible feat without the use of large quantities of data. But businesses and consumers alike are now talking about who owns this data — and what it's worth. Companies collect your data daily when you use your smartphone, jump on a hotspot, connect to your car's Bluetooth, operate your smart TV and more. Each new purchase becomes part of the Internet of Things, creating more opportunities to upload your life to the digital world.

IoT, Automation and Domopalooza 2019

David Menninger's Analyst Perspectives

Domopalooza 2019 marked the first annual user conference after Domo went public, but the energy, excitement and new feature announcements have not slowed. With thousands in attendance and growing fast, this year's conference focused on five key areas: digitization, real time connectivity, driving insight based actions, applying AI & machine learning, and building applications. All of these announcements are aimed at broadening the workloads supported by Domo.

IoT 140

Embedded Data and Information Builders Summit 2019

David Menninger's Analyst Perspectives

Summit 2019, Information Builders' annual user conference, drew about 1000 attendees this year, including customers, partners and prospects all working with Information Builders' technologies. Under new leadership, Summit 2019 showcased the direction Information Builders is moving in the next couple of years.

IoT 145

HyperIntelligence™ & Microstrategy World 2019

David Menninger's Analyst Perspectives

MicroStrategy recently held their annual user conference, MicroStrategy World 2019. This year's conference brought 2,100 customer attendees plus partners to the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, AZ. The big news of the event was the introduction of MicroStrategy HyperIntelligence™, a platform tool designed to directly inject analytics into business applications. MicroStrategy embedded analytics Analytics Business Intelligence Collaboration Internet of Things AI

9 Formidable Big Data Analytics Tools for 2019


So what technology tools are dominating the market in 2019? Typically big data is reckoned by its size, but experts also give credit to information technologies that are assisting analysts in analyzing huge clusters of unstructured data to make sense of data trends, patterns, and anomalies. Big Data is a crucial asset for Business Intelligence (BI) for industries ranging from manufacturing to banking, professional services to entertainment, including the federal government.

Buyer's Guide for Supply Chain Network Design Software

Network design as a discipline is complex and too many businesses are still relying on spreadsheets to design and optimize their supply chain. As a result, most organizations struggle to answer network design questions or test hypotheses in weeks, when results are demanded in hours. This Buyer’s Guide helps you find easy-to-use technology to become more proactive and less reactive when it comes to network design and optimization.

Decoding the Best Machine Learning Papers from NeurIPS 2019

Analytics Vidhya

The post Decoding the Best Machine Learning Papers from NeurIPS 2019 appeared first on Analytics Vidhya. Algorithm Conferences deep learning papers machine learning machine learning conference machine learning research neurips 19 neurips 2019 neurips 2019 best papers neurips conference

Is 2019 The Year Finance Discovers Blockchain?


The contemporary market is inundated with new stories about blockchain on a daily basis, but few analysts who are keeping an eye on this technology have been paying enough attention to how much the financial sector is beginning to embrace this exciting innovation. It’s increasingly becoming clear that 2018 could very well be the year that finance discovers blockchain in a meaningful way for the first time, which could usher in a new era for this burgeoning digital technology.

3 Reasons 2019 Will Be the Year of Intelligent Automation


Some of the most exciting technology driving business changes in 2019 is intelligent automation (IA). . Businesses in all industries are increasingly being asked to do more with less. Public and private enterprises are required to continually improve their products and services while maintaining high customer care and reducing costs. To take on this tall order more and more businesses are looking to technology to solve business problems and deliver better results.

Sales 209

Open Source Security Risks and Vulnerabilities to Know in 2019


This article informs you of some of the main open source security risks and vulnerabilities you should know about in 2019. Open source projects provide software development teams with well-built libraries and frameworks which they can freely use in their projects to improve the speed and efficiency of software development. . Despite the pros of open source projects, there are issues with security risks and code vulnerabilities when using components from such projects.

Risk 204

Simplifying Google AI’s Best Paper at ICML 2019 on Unsupervised Learning

Analytics Vidhya

Overview Check out Google AI’s best paper from ICML 2019 There is a heavy focus on unsupervised learning in Google AI’s paper We have. The post Simplifying Google AI’s Best Paper at ICML 2019 on Unsupervised Learning appeared first on Analytics Vidhya. Deep Learning autoencoders best papers ICML best research papers deep learning ICML ICML 2019 unsupervised learning

Assessing and Fostering a Culture of Innovation

Speaker: Magnus Penker, CEO & Founder, Innovation360 Group

Welcome to an interactive empowering session on how to sharpen your future through innovation management, which can help guide your company’s goals. During this webinar, Magnus Penker, international thought leader and author, will dive into how to assess and foster culture and capabilities for innovation.

8 Industrial IoT Trends of 2019 That Cannot Be Ignored


From manufacturing to the retail sector, the infinite applications of the industrial internet of things are disrupting business processes, thereby improving operational efficiency and business competitiveness. The trend of employing IoT-powered systems for supply chain management, smart monitoring, remote diagnosis, production integration, inventory management, and predictive maintenance is catching up as companies take bold steps to address a myriad of business problems.

IoT 213

Big Data, Machine Learning and Alteryx Inspires 2019

David Menninger's Analyst Perspectives

Alteryx Inspire 2019, this year's user conference for Alteryx, drew around 4500 customers, partners, and prospects to Nashville’s Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Tennessee last month. The strong attendance was a reflection of the strong growth Alteryx has experienced over the last year; roughly 50% growth year-over-year. This year's conference focused on Alteryx's evolution from data preparation to AI and machine learning, and both were front and center.

Which is the Best MongoDB GUI? — 2019 Update


Read on to find out which is the best MongoDB GUI for you, updated for 2019, that contain these key features: A good visual editor to write and edit queries faster. A good UI is an important part of the development experience. The MongoDB Shell works great for administrative actions, but when working with larger amounts of data, the UI becomes fairly important.

Announcing DataHack Summit 2019 – The Biggest Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Conference Yet

Analytics Vidhya

DataHack Summit 2019 Bringing Together Futurists to Achieve Super Intelligence DataHack Summit 2018 was a grand success with more than 1,000 attendees from various. The post Announcing DataHack Summit 2019 – The Biggest Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Conference Yet appeared first on Analytics Vidhya.

Encouraging Innovation in an Established Product Culture

Speaker: Richard Cardran, Chief Creative Officer and VP Strategy, HIA Technologies

Innovation is both a process and an outcome. The best way to begin innovating your products is by innovating your internal process. We'll explore the challenges, solutions, and hands-on techniques for becoming a successful "agent of change" within a well-established product culture. We'll examine the importance of UX and user-centric feature analysis, the adaptation of Agile Methodologies to the creative process, as well as a way to drive successful culture change for setting expectations and winning approvals with cross-functional stakeholders. Innovation and Leadership go hand in hand. Join Richard Cardran, Chief Creative Officer and VP Strategy, HIA Technologies, as we assess some case studies to see how to lead with a clear strategy well-defined tactics, and an unbiased understanding of the fundamental question: "why are you innovating?"

Interview with Sriram Iyer @ CDAOI UK 2019


Analytics Big Data

Phocas and Epicor partnership on display at Insights 2019


The theme of this year's 2019 Epicor Insights event was Elevate and to highlight the partnership between the global ERP provider and Phocas, we had a strong presence at their five-day annual conference in Las Vegas. Events and Trade Shows Product ERP - Epicor


Which Is the Best PostgreSQL GUI? 2019 Comparison


PostgreSQL graphical user interface (GUI) tools help these open source database users to manage, manipulate, and visualize their data. In this post, we discuss the top 5 GUI tools for administering your PostgreSQL deployments. PostgreSQL is the fourth most popular database management system in the world, and heavily used in all sizes of applications from small to large.

Best business intelligence software blogs in 2019


Thanks to our regular business intelligence software blog readers and those people who swing by when the topic piques your interest.

Embedding Operational Reports: Everything Product Managers Should Know

Speaker: Dean Yao, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Logi Analytics

Businesses are run with analytics - but companies continue to struggle with interpreting, analyzing, and distributing data. Operational reports help get information to the people who need it most, in formats they understand, and in a timeframe that matters. Join the webinar to learn how embedding operational reports can give your users a precisely formatted, ready-to-analyze view of their operational activities. World-class software teams are embedding operational reports to empower end users with interactive data visualizations, detailed information, and highly precise formats that can be shared via email, PDF, print, or online.

The Top 20 Influencers in GeoInsurance 2019 | Americas


Having a successful European event in February 2019, GeoInsurance arrives in the US on June 11-12 (Hoboken, NJ) to understand the US-centric challenges and opportunities of geospatial insight. Corinium’s Top 20 Influencers in GeoInsurance 2019 - Americas. 2019 however, has seen the launch of two events within the niche area of GeoInsurance; a sector that combines Geospatial know-how, technology and data within the Insurance Industry.

In 2019 - Being Data-Driven Enterprise Is A Blessing Or A Curse!


Although the data management landscape seems to have evolved in 2018, in 2019 it will be even more transformative. Data is everywhere; it can give both an accurate insight and the fog of visibility at the same time. Over recent years, streaming data technologies has become the latest norm whether it’s through the internet of things (IoT), Mobile and Big Data Pipelines. Several businesses are found struggling to put better data management practices.

Highlights from TensorFlow World in Santa Clara, California 2019

O'Reilly on Data

Watch “ MLIR: Accelerating AI “ AI & ML Signals TensorFlow World 2019People from across the TensorFlow community came together in Santa Clara, California for TensorFlow World. Below you’ll find links to highlights from the event. Opening keynote.

IoT 153

7 Amazing NLP Hack Sessions to Watch out for at DataHack Summit 2019

Analytics Vidhya

The post 7 Amazing NLP Hack Sessions to Watch out for at DataHack Summit 2019 appeared first on Analytics Vidhya. Analytics Vidhya NLP BERT Corenlp DataHack Summit 2019 deep learning nlp DHS 2019 get started with NLP hacksession Natural language processing NLP frameworksPicture a world where: Machines are able to have human-level conversations with us Computers understand the context of the conversation without having to be.

Potholes in your Roadmap and How to Fill Them

Speaker: Hope Gurion, Product Coach and Advisor

As a Product Manager, prioritizing work on your roadmap is an important part of your role. To answer roadmap questions, you're probably familiar with frameworks like RICE and Cost of Delay. But products are built by people, and people are messy - unlike these frameworks. Hope Gurion, Product Coach and Adviser, has identified potholes in your roadmap that are preventing you from planning as best as you can. She'll take you through all the opportunities to improve your organization's relationship to its roadmap that you may have missed along the way.

2019 In-Review and Trends for 2020 – A Technical Overview of Machine Learning and Deep Learning!

Analytics Vidhya

Overview A comprehensive look at the top machine learning highlights from 2019, including an exhaustive dive into NLP frameworks Check out the machine learning. The post 2019 In-Review and Trends for 2020 – A Technical Overview of Machine Learning and Deep Learning! Analytics Vidhya Beginner Computer Vision Deep Learning Machine Learning AI AI 2019 AI 2020 data science data science trends deep learning deep learning trends machine learning machine learning trends

Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Chris Wylie to headline Big Data LDN 2019 keynote programme


The UK’s largest data & analytics conference and exhibition, Big Data LDN (London), have recently announced Chris Wylie will headline their 2019 keynote programme. The New Yorker calls him “a pink-haired, nose-ringed oracle sent from the future”.

Red Hat Report: IoT Outsourcing Trend Accelerating in 2019


IoT projects are becoming increasingly popular these days. TechTarget posted an article earlier this year on developments in the field. They cited research indicating that 70% of businesses intend to incorporate IoT technology into their operating models in the next five years. TechTarget author Nacho De Marco discussed the implications of the IoT development profession.

IoT 144

Master Data Engineering with these 6 Sessions at DataHack Summit 2019

Analytics Vidhya

The post Master Data Engineering with these 6 Sessions at DataHack Summit 2019 appeared first on Analytics Vidhya. Announcement Beginner Data Engineering Python Spark Apache Spark DataHack Summit 2019 Kafka ML pipelineData engineers are a rare breed. Without them, a machine learning project would crumble before it starts. Their knowledge and understanding of software and.

Add Value with a Dashboard Refresh: What You Need to Know

Speaker: Miles Robinson, Agile and Management Consultant, Motivational Speaker

Dashboards and analytics can really set your application apart, but that doesn't mean you can implement them and forget about them. Are they adding value to your product? Do your users benefit from them anymore? What should be improved, and what do we have the resources to improve? Join Miles Robinson, former UX and Design Manager, as he explains the different ways to refresh your dashboards - and how to determine what's the best path to product dashboard success. You'll leave with an understanding of how to figure out the best next steps specifically for you and your application.

2019 Open Source Database Report: Top Databases, Public Cloud vs. On-Premise, Polyglot Persistence


Ready to transition from a commercial database to open source, and want to know which databases are most popular in 2019? 2019 Top Databases Used. So, which databases are most popular in 2019? Wondering whether an on-premise vs. public cloud vs. hybrid cloud infrastructure is best for your database strategy? Or, considering adding a new database to your application and want to see which combinations are most popular?

You Can’t Miss these 4 Powerful Reinforcement Learning Sessions at DataHack Summit 2019

Analytics Vidhya

The post You Can’t Miss these 4 Powerful Reinforcement Learning Sessions at DataHack Summit 2019 appeared first on Analytics Vidhya. Analytics Vidhya Reinforcement Learning DataHack Summit 2019 reinforcement learning platforms Reinforcement Learning podcast reinforcement learning tools“If intelligence was a cake, unsupervised learning would be the cake, supervised learning would be the icing on the cake, and reinforcement learning would.

A 2019 Guide for Automatic Speech Recognition


2019 Sep Tutorials, Overviews NLP Speech RecognitionIn this article, we’ll look at a couple of papers aimed at solving the problem of automated speech recognition with machine and deep learning.

Conversational Computing and More News from Oracle Analytics Summit 2019

David Menninger's Analyst Perspectives

The Oracle Analytics Summit 2019 was the inaugural user event for Oracle Analytics customers, and they also broadcast the video for thousands of others. You can watch the keynote at [link]. Executives talked about some big organizational changes, including Bruno Aziza joining last year to lead the analytics organization. This event marked a transition and "a new beginning" for the Oracle Analytics portfolio, as the company announced three new analytics products.

The 2019 Technographic Data Report for B2B Sales Organizations

In this report, ZoomInfo substantiates the assertion that technographic data is a vital resource for sales teams. In fact, the majority of respondents agree—with 72.3% reporting that technographic data is either somewhat important or very important to their organization. The reason for this is simple—sales teams value technographic data because it makes essential selling activities easier and more efficient.