Using Event Data in Manufacturing to Improve Business Processes

David Menninger's Analyst Perspectives

Event data can be used to enhance existing processes, but it can also be used to dramatically impact operations, revenue models and the bottom line for manufacturers. In this perspective I’ll share how manufacturers are working with event data to transform their organizations.

Apache Kafka: A Metaphorical Introduction to Event Streaming for Data Scientists and Data Engineers

Analytics Vidhya

Overview Learn about viewing data as streams of immutable events in contrast to mutable containers Understand how Apache Kafka captures real-time data through event. Beginner Data Engineering Apache Kafka event streaming streaming data topics


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Hopin targets hybrid, in-person events with Boomset buy


STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - Hopin, a British-based provider of events, said on Wednesday it has bought an in-person event company Boomset to help clients plan, produce and share events whether hybrid, physical or virtual. By Supantha Mukherjee.

Increasing Intersectionality at Tech community events

Jen Stirrup

In 2019, I tried to hold a ‘Diversity in the Cloud’ event and I even had a meeting with the leadership from Microsoft about it. To the Diversity in the Cloud event, I attracted local LGBQTIA+ charities including Stonewall and Support U , who are a stonesthrow away from the Microsoft UK office in Reading. I also attracted a trans keynote speaker, putting a stamp on the event. I could still use the Reactor, but they pulled the food and event security.

IT 59

Cold Calling Tips and Tricks

In recent years, cold calling has become synonymous with rejection and failure. But the numbers aren't that clear; while less than 2% of today’s cold calls actually result in meetings, 78% of decision-makers have taken an appointment or attended an event as a result of a cold call. What’s the verdict?

The Events Industry and Blockchain


Like the event planning industry. With improved ticketing mechanisms, smart customer identification programs and other improvements that enhance the overall event experience. Adding a new dimension to event planning. The events industry involves a lot of technicalities.

Angry Indian traders counter Amazon summit with own event


NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Thousands of Indian small businesses will organise an event this week in protest at the business practices of foreign e-tailers like Inc, taking a dig at the U.S. group's summit with their own event. By Aditya Kalra.


insightsoftware Acquires Event 1 Software

Jet Global

July 16, 2020 – insightsoftware , a global provider of enterprise software solutions for the Office of the CFO, today announced it has acquired Event 1 Software , a provider of intelligent, Excel-based reporting solutions. About Event 1 Software.

Apple plans special event for September 15, new products anticipated


Reuters) - Apple Inc on Tuesday scheduled a special event for Sept. While Apple uses its September events to showcase its most important products, new versions of iPhone handsets might still take time as the company in July had flagged a delay of a few weeks from the usual timeline.

IT 184

Amazon to hold Prime Day event on Oct. 13-14


(Reuters) - Inc said on Monday it would hold its annual shopping event, Prime Day, on Oct. The company earlier this year postponed the two-day shopping event, started in 2015 to drum up sales during the summer shopping lull, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Going Digital: Pivoting to Virtual Events


In Digitizing Events , we explore how companies have successfully pivoted to virtual events and experiences while continuing to build important business relationships among industry leaders, professionals, and enthusiasts. Truly transform your virtual events.

Up Your Analytics Game: How to Empower People to Take Action

Speaker: Tom Davenport, President’s Distinguished Professor of Information Technology and Management, Babson College

Join top-ranked analyst and bestselling author of Competing on Analytics, Tom Davenport, to learn how analytics technology provides Financial Services HR professionals with unique insights that create strategic value.

Data Analytics Assesses Event Impacts on Developing Economies


Data analytics can be most beneficial when it comes to identifying the impact of major socio-political events. Countless experts have discussed the proliferation of big data over the last decade. The global market for big data is projected to reach $229 billion within the next five years.

Amazon pitches early holiday shopping with fall 'Prime Day' event


(Reuters) - Inc on Tuesday began 48 hours of promotions as part of "Prime Day," a closely watched marketing event the company had postponed due to operational challenges from the coronavirus pandemic.

Chat app Discord to test ticketing, make audio events easier to find


Reuters) - Chat platform Discord said on Thursday it will start to test paid tickets for audio events, the first feature where creators can make money from the site, and will launch a tool next month to help users more easily find live audio channels. By Elizabeth Culliford.

Data in 2021: Ventana Research Market Agenda

David Menninger's Analyst Perspectives

Data Governance Data Preparation Information Management Data data lakes Streaming Data data operations Event Data Data catalog Event Streams Event Stream Processing

Internet of Things – the Newest Wrinkle in Event Management


Technology has entirely changed the landscape of every business and organization and event planning and management is no exception. Days of manual registration and paper flyers have long gone and the event management industry is swiftly moving from a simple mobile app for basic event information towards augmented and virtual reality for better event management and enhanced attendees’ engagement. IoT for Event management.

How to Gain Real Business Value from the Internet of Events


Among all this data, probably the most important is event information or what we’ve come to know as the “Internet of Events” (IoE). IoE refers to all available event data. Essentially, these events can be machine or life events or both.

Europe's largest tech conference to return as in-person event in 2021


LISBON (Reuters) - Europe's biggest technology conference, the Web Summit, will return to Lisbon in full force as a massive in-person event in 2021 after the coronavirus pandemic forced it to go fully online this year. By Catarina Demony.

The greatest gift to community: what virtual events offer that in-person events do not.

Jen Stirrup

I have been reflecting on safety at virtual events versus in-person events. Virtual events offer a level of safety that in-person events do not have, because I am not in a crowd of people. Harassment does happen at events, unfortunately, both virtual and in person. Nobody is going to put me in any physical danger or harass me unless it is online, and it is easier to shut down there than it is in person.

IT 63

Apple to hold Nov. 10 event, analysts expect new Mac computers


Reuters) - Apple Inc on Monday announced a special event for Nov. Analysts expect the new Macs to debut at the November event. By Stephen Nellis. 10 but gave no further details aside from a tag line of "one more thing.".

IT 157

Automatic Feature Engineering: An Event-Driven Approach


This blog post was originally published in October 2018 on Data From the Trenches. TL;DR : As data science evolves as a discipline, we think that it’s time to have a more systematic approach to feature engineering.

Acknowledging and discussing the recent, tragic events


In the wake of everything going on in the world, we would like to take a moment to acknowledge the tragic and traumatic events involving people of color, including the death of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery. These events continue to be deeply disturbing, and many of us have been personally overwhelmed with grief these past few weeks.

Facebook events service gets temporary exemption from Apple App Store fees: blog post


SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Facebook Inc said on Friday that businesses running paid online events on its iOS app would not need to pay a 30% fee to Apple for the remainder of 2020, temporarily defusing a standoff between the two tech giants. The social media company said in a blog post that all businesses except gaming creators would be eligible for Apple's fee exemption and can process payments for the online events they run through Facebook Pay. By Katie Paul and Stephen Nellis.

IT 148

A List Of Business Analysis Events For 2018

BA Learnings

If you’re ready for socializing and networking or just looking for professional development opportunities, here are some business analysis events to get you started in 2018. For other locations and dates relating to this conference, take a look at the IIBA Events Calendar to see which one would work for you. Experts from across the globe will attend the event and you can look forward to learning opportunities. Do you know of any other events that should be on this list?

When Data Warehousing Met the Events Industry


The world’s an eventful place, isn’t it? When we say ‘eventful’, we mean, there are some many things happening around the world, every day, every minute, and they are all happening as glamorous, lavish and big events – be it a phone launch, a mega concert, fairs and so on. The Opportunities That Await Technology in The Events Industry. According to reports, the Business-To-Business (B2B) events industry revenue worldwide amounted to 30.3

Role of Workforce Analytics in Event Industry


A growing number of organizations especially in the event management industry or sector are using workforce analytics to examine and act upon data about their people in the workplace. For any organization, including the event industry, human capital is the most important asset and as such building an in-depth understanding of the employees/workforce is quite crucial for businesses in giving them a competitive advantage. Workforce Analytics – What is its need for companies.

Classify A Rare Event Using 5 Machine Learning Algorithms


Which algorithm works best for unbalanced data? Are there any tradeoffs? 2020 Jan Tutorials, Overviews Algorithms Classification Machine Learning R Unbalanced

Estimating the prevalence of rare events — theory and practice

The Unofficial Google Data Science Blog

by YI LIU Importance sampling is used to improve precision in estimating the prevalence of some rare event in a population. But importance sampling in statistics is a variance reduction technique to improve the inference of the rate of rare events, and it seems natural to apply it to our prevalence estimation problem. Conclusion In this post, we discussed the theory of importance sampling to improve the precision estimate of the binomial proportion of rare events.

Phocas and Epicor partnership on display at Insights 2021


The theme of the 2021 Epicor Insights event was Accelerate your knowledge , perfectly complimenting the rapid digital transformation occurring across businesses to centralize data and understand performance quickly. events and trade shows product updates Epicor/Epicor Eclipse

The Intricacies of Financial Analytics in the Event Industry


Financial analytics is becoming an important and inherent part of software applications that are being used by event industry. The emergence of new business models, the changing needs of the traditional financial departments of event industry and advancements in technology have all led to the need for financial analytics. Financial Analytics in Event Management Industry – A summary. In addition, it needs to have powerful analytics technology for its event revenue measurement.

ROI 63

An Overview of Revenue Analytics for Event Industry


Revenue Analytics in Event Industry – An Overview. The plethora of changes in the Event Industry witnessed during the last decade point to the fulfillment of a continuous quest for customer service excellence. The capacity of using revenue analytics is dramatically advancing an organization’s understanding of both its own internal systems and broader trends that involve its customers, clients and partners in the event industry.

WannA/B by the Stats Girls: How to Use A/B Testing for Event Promotion


The Stats Girls, a popular girl group founded in the 90s, are about to reunite for an exclusive concert. To make sure their fan base will be there, they asked their marketing analyst, Victoria, to run an online campaign.

An Overview of Sales Analytics in Event Industry


Sales Analytics in Event Industry – A Perspective View. In the event industry, respondents are recognizing the importance of leveraging tools to streamline their attendees’ experiences with already existing event technologies. About 44% of companies in event industry are already integrating customer relationship management (CRM) tools with their event technology while 37% of them are using online booking tools with their current event technologies.

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Applying Data Science to Cybersecurity Network Attacks & Events


Check out this detailed tutorial on applying data science to the cybersecurity domain, written by an individual with backgrounds in both fields. 2019 Sep Tutorials, Overviews Cybersecurity Data Science Machine Learning Python Security

Learnings from the virtual conference circuit


The business world is getting used to virtual events. The planning is just as intense for a face-to-face event, but the results can be mixed. Here’s what we have learned from our online events this past year. events and trade shows


Artificial Intelligence, Data Visualisation and Leadership Virtual Speaking Events June and Jul 2020

Jen Stirrup

The event is in partnership with Skill Me Up and it takes place at 11AM CST. Register at the LondonR website to attend the free online event. I’m excited to announce that I’m speaking on various topics in July 2020 and here is a roundup. I am speaking on Leadership, Artificial Intelligence and Data Visualisation. Leadership Sessions. I am presenting on agile leadership for the Remote First Enterprise.

5 reasons Analytics University is the analytics event of 2017

IBM Big Data Hub

IBM Analytics is coming to Berlin and New Orleans this October. Here are five traits that make the conference unique. Can't make it? Join the Facebook livestream on October 10 or watch the replay to hear the opening session keynotes from Joel Shapiro and Marc Altshuller

What did we learn at the SAP UK “The Journey To The Top” Event?

Timo Elliott

I recently had the honor of delivering the keynote at the “The Journey to the Top” Event at SAP UK headquarters, and you can see my slides and a video in my previous post How Data is Powering The Future of Business: Trends and Opportunities. Here’s what I took away from the event: The world is changing—so we should probably innovate!

Virtual Events Take Center Stage in Our New Reality


Since the early days of events in virtual reality, a lot has changed. But despite huge leaps forward in technology, we’re still in the early days of VR adoption for events. Most notably, the proliferation of VR headsets has made a fully immersive experience possible.

Perficient and IBM Host Blockchain Event in Denver

Perficient Data & Analytics

The goal of Perficient and IBM’s event was to create a forum where industry leaders could openly discuss the effects of blockchain on their supply chain operations. To learn more about the event, you’re welcome to view the evening’s presentation by clicking here or, you can contact Bob Vanek at

3 IBM Analytics events you can't miss this fall

IBM Big Data Hub

In the coming weeks, you have three great opportunities — two in the U.S., one in Europe — to network with your industry peers as you meet and learn from IBMers who are reinventing analytics for organizations large and small

The Strength of Weak Ties: What sponsors can do to promote diversity and inclusion and prioritize anti-harassment measures at tech community events

Jen Stirrup

How can sponsors drive good behavior and diversity and inclusion at technical community events? They can help by driving organizers to think carefully about these elements of a technical community event. Sponsors participate in technical community events, and if you’ve ever been a technical event, you’ll know the setup; attendees attend at a low cost or even free, and event sponsors/partners showcase their services at the event.