Uncover the Data ‘Nuggets’ with Smart Visualization


Smart Data Visualization Helps Your Users to Gain Insight! Included in this solution is Smart Data Visualization. This feature suggests the best options for visualizing and plotting for a particular set or type of data, based on the nature, dimensions and trend of data.

Smart Data Visualization: Simpler, Better, Clearer, Faster


Smart Visualization Tools: Analysis and Data Displays Made Simple (and Clear). Smart Data Visualization! Smart visualization should include auto-recommend, and auto-suggest data displays to recommend displays, views, and plotting to explore the best possible value from underlying data.

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Smart Data Visualization Walks You Through to Success


Take the Guesswork Out of Analytics with Smart Data Visualization! Smart data visualization takes the guesswork out of data analysis. The software for data visualization should do the work!

Smart Visualization Paves the Way for the Right Decision


Use Smart Visualization! Not every user can gain enough insight into the data in advance to understand and recommend how best to visualize data to reveal problems, opportunities or results. Smart visualization is the way to go!

It's Not The Ink, It's The Think: 6 Effective Data Visualization Strategies

Occam's Razor

Delete anything that's redundant, and simply visualize what's left for sharper focus. The challenge of course is that it is quite odd to see that the 2,120k number is on a graph that is visually lower than 106k.

Big data visualization techniques: a quick intro


Big data visualization techniques: habitual pie charts and line graphs or something special? We share our experience in a new blog post

Smart Data Visualization and Data Discovery Tools Empower Business Users


To empower business users and allow them to achieve goals and contribute to the bottom line, you provide advanced analytics and smart data visualization tools in an easy-to-use environment that encourages user adoption and report and data sharing.

Create High-Impact Data Visualizations: Nine Effective Strategies

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In service of that belief, there are few things that bring me as much joy as visualizing data (smart segmentation comes close). While I am partial to the simplest of visualizations in a business data context, I love a simple Bar Chart just as much as a Chord or Fisher-Yates Shuffle.

Fact or Fiction? Smart Data Visualization Tells the Tale


If you are considering a Business Intelligence solution, you ought to give some consideration to the concept of Smart Data Visualization and review your prospective solution to determine its capabilities in that regard. Smart Data Visualization Tells the Tale.

Data Visualization Best Practices

Paris Technologies

What is Data Visualization and Why is it Important? When we talk about data visualization, we are talking about a kind of translator […]. Business Intelligence (BI) General BI and Data Management Data VisualizationWe’re living a data-generating reality in a digital world. The amount of data just keeps expanding; its potential to teach us growing along with it. Data wants to tell us its story.

Re-Visualizing Business Intelligence, now let’s chat!


Original Post: Re-Visualizing Business Intelligence, now let’s chat! Smarten Advanced Data Discovery Data Discovery Data Preparation Data Visualization Predictive Analysis Predictive Analytics

The Artificial Intelligence Opportunity: A Camel to Cars Moment

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Additionally, I was so very excited about the Visual Interaction Network they built to mimic a human’s ability to predict. (If

Why will data visualisation fade away?


Smart Data Visualization has its power, and ElegantJ BI provides dazzling graphics. Smarten Advanced Data Discovery Data Visualization Software Data Visualization Tools Smart Data Visualisation Smart Data Visualization Software for Data Visualization Tool for Data Visualization

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Data Discovery Tools Are Crucial Tools for Business Users


Advanced Analytics Software and Smart Visualization Empowers Business Users. Advanced Analytics Software, Data Discovery Tools and Smart Visualization can improve your planning and forecasting process, and empower your organization.

STCU Visualizes Data to Improve Member Services

Information Builders

STCU Visualizes Data to Improve Member Services. Regional Credit Union Gains an Analytics Advantage With WebFOCUS. Taking analytics to the next level was important for the Spokane Teachers Credit Union (STCU). These needs became a priority once STCU learned that Pitney Bowes was sunsetting its Sagent business intelligence (BI) product, which STCU had depended on for 14 years. This turned into an opportunity to implement Information Builders' WebFOCUS BI and analytics platform. read more

The Five Faces of the Analytics Dream Team


Edward Tufte – the godfather of data visualization - speculates that the lack of good data design contributed to both the Columbia and Challenger space shuttle tragedies. His job is to operationalize the work of the Explorer and Visualizer.

Towards Better Visualizations: Part 1 - The Visual Frontier


This is part one of a two-part series on building effective visualizations. In this post, we take a shallow dive into evaluating existing visualizations. It’s very easy to visualize data. The visualization gets in the way of the truth. The visual is fascinating.

Clickless Analytics, ??? ??? ????? ?? {Part 1 of ?}


Smarten Advanced Data Discovery Advanced Data Discovery Clickless Analytics Natural Language Processing Plug n’ Play Predictive Analysis Search Analytics Self-Serve Data Preparation Smart Data Visualization Smarten Analytics

Data Visualization = Special Powers

Depict Data Studio

While I’ll never reach her level of data visualization wizardry, I’ve learned a few things. Data visualization and chart selection was a huge challenge. Now: The 2017 Results. I’ve found that data visualization helps me focus on what will drive results.

Spotfire Tips & Tricks: Hierarchical Cluster Analysis


The hierarchical clustering calculation is performed, and heat map visualization with the specified dendrograms is created in just a few clicks.

Smarten Advanced Data Discovery is All the Buzz!


The Smarten Advanced Data Discovery gives users the freedom to leverage data beyond simple visual data analysis and dashboards. Their findings include: Through 2017, the number of citizen data scientists will grow five times faster than the number of highly skilled data scientists.

Augmented Data Discovery Provides Users with Crucial Answers


With the right Data Discovery Software , business users have the freedom to imagine and leverage data without limiting the user’s ability to analyze and visualize data with restricted views and dashboards. Advanced Data Discovery Can and Should Be Available to All!

Citizen Data Scientists Benefit the Biz


The right tools will recommend visualization and analytical techniques and help users to identify patterns and trends to make confident decisions.

Are You Ready for Simpler, Smarter Data Discovery?


With smart data discovery, your users can enjoy the benefits of a truly intelligent solution that suggests relationships, identifies patterns, suggests visualization techniques and formats, highlights trends and patterns, and presents predictions.

White Paper: Self-Serve Data Preparation Provides Significant Benefit to the Enterprise


By providing sophisticated analytical features and algorithms in an easy-to-use self-serve environment, the enterprise enables business users to perform data preparation and test theories and hypotheses and prototype on their own.

Smarter, Better, Faster Data Discovery


Advanced Data Discovery allows business users to quickly and easily prepare and analyze data and visualize and explore data. The Next, Even Better Gift: Advanced Data Discovery Tools! Have you ever noticed that when you give someone something, they often want more?

Data Preparation Tools Should be Self-Serve


IT enabled self-serve data preparation puts data in the hands of business users with sophisticated, easy-to-use tools to compile and prepare data, test hypotheses, perform visualization and create and share reports, and create custom alerts and other information.

Building a Big Data Culture


Using compelling visuals, vivid descriptions, and plotting a detailed path from data ingest to application development, the sponsor was able to marshall broad support from other business units at telecoms provider. Display visualizations in public places.

What is Advanced Analytics and How Can it Advance Your Organization?


Advanced Analytics allows the organization to leverage Advanced Data Discovery features and enjoy the benefits of a truly intelligent solution that suggests relationships, identifies patterns, suggests visualization techniques and formats, highlights trends and patterns, and presents predictions.

Plug n’ Play! Analytics that Leads Business Users to Success


Read a report, attend a conference and your head is swirling with terms like ‘assisted predictive modeling’, plug n’ play predictive analysis, smart visualization, augmented data discovery and augmented data preparation.

Advanced Data Discovery and Augmented Analytics: Simple, Sophisticated Tools for Business Users


Smart Visualization – Smart Data Visualization, suggests the best options for visualizing and plotting for a particular set or type of data, based on the nature, dimensions and trend of data. The world of business analytics has changed dramatically in the past few years.

White Paper: Citizen Data Scientists Engender Business Success


In this white paper, we will discuss the emergence and importance of Citizen Data Scientists and the role of self-serve data preparation, smart data visualization and plug n’ play predictive analysis in transforming business users into Citizen Data Scientists.

Should I Eat This Fish - A Redesign


VisualizationA few years ago we worked with the Alberta Government on a tool that would make Fish Consumption Advisories more accessible to the general public. And after working its way through the government’s approvals process that tool is finally here.

Advanced Analytics: If You Don’t Know What You Need, How Can You Succeed?


Social BI and the advent of smart visualization , augmented data modeling, self-serve data preparation makes it easy to gather and analyze the data but insight and perspective is key to success. Every enterprise is talking about Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics.

Citizen Data Scientists? Yay or Nay?


Tools like plug n’ play predictive analysis and smart data visualization ensure data democratization and drastically reduce the time and cost of analysis and experimentation. It seems that everyone today is talking about Citizen Data Scientists.

Do Citizen Data Scientists Mark the Death of Data Scientists?


In short, there is a lot a business user can do with deep dive analysis, plug n’ play predictive analysis , self-serve data preparation and smart data visualization.

The Value is in the Data (Wrangling)


Proceed visually.

Exploring LSTMs

Edwin Chen

Finally, here's an overview of all of Neuron 2's internals: If you want to investigate the different counting neurons yourself, you can play around with the visualizer here.

New Book: Big Data, Big Dupe

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Here’s the table of contents: As you can see, unlike my four other books, this is not about data visualization, but it is definitely relevant to all of us who are involved in data sensemaking. I’ve written a new book, titled Big Data, Big Dupe , which will be published on February 1, 2018.

Clickless Analytics


Smarten Advanced Data Discovery Clickless Analytics Data Discovery Data Preparation Data Visualization Natural Language Processing Predictive Analysis Predictive Analytics Search Analytics Smarten AnalyticsOne of the things which cause distress in a lot of activities is the click.

Fat Zebras


Fat zebras have less visual noise because they switch back and forth less frequently. VisualizationWhen presenting data tables, we recommend stripping away backgrounds and grids and using alignment, formatting, and whitespace to guide the eye along the rows and columns of the data.

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Self-Serve Data Prep & Plug n’ Play Predictive Analysis


The Smarten approach to BI tools includes components that support visual analytics and decision-making. Nearly every organization has BI tools, but not every organization takes the Smarten approach to business intelligence.

Clickless Analytics – Augmented Analytics


Let us visualize the growth over a period of 10 years in the graph. Gartner recently released a paper on Augmented Analytics which is described as “An approach that automates insights using machine learning, and natural-language generation.”.